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Our Talent Hub is intended to be like a shop window. It is just some of the exceptional people we have recently got to know and is a representation of our larger, talent pool of permanent candidates and freelancers. With our substantial knowledge of the industry, and an understanding of the nature and quality of talent that is in demand, we are able to focus proactively on engaging and qualifying candidates who we know businesses will need, now or in the future.  
*Be aware that freelance availability is subject to change, so please call us to discuss your needs, as there are plenty more freelancers registered with us who will be available. All of our consultant's contact details can be found through the profiles below or here.
  • Senior PR Account Executive 
    Senior PR Account Executive  Bucks, London, Herts ​25,000 - 26,000

    A talented PR Account Executive looking to take a step up to Senior PR Account Executive with a great agency. Our candidate is currently client-facing and managing the day-to-day PR activities from content creation to media relations.

    They are writing press releases and then liaising with the media at local, regional and national level. Although at AE level, they are already working at Senior PR Account Exec level, working directly with clients and getting involved in proposals and strategies.

    Now looking to join a supportive agency where they can continue to grow their career. They are also open to in-house opportunities.

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  • PPC Manager, Paid Search Specialist
    PPC Manager, Paid Search Specialist West Midlands ​30,000

    A brilliant Paid Search Specialist with 3 years’ experience and looking for an in-house role in and around Birmingham. This candidate is data-driven and has produced successful PPC and paid social campaigns for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

    A knowledgeable and hardworking candidate who creates, maintains and analyses paid search campaigns daily. Strong experience in creating strategies for clients and consulting on the best digital touchpoints to maximise ROI.

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  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Digital Marketing Manager West Midlands ​25,000

    A brilliant candidate with 7 years' experience across digital marketing and now looking for a permanent in-house or agency role in the West Midlands.

    They have great hands-on experience creating and managing web content, creating blogs, case studies, social media channels, email newsletters, paid social and PPC campaigns, as well as putting together strategies and reporting on KPI's.

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  • Senior Media Producer (Film & Motion)
    Senior Media Producer (Film & Motion) West Mids, Worcs, Warks ​40,000 circa

    This candidate is looking for a senior Media Producer role, where they can continue their experience leading a team,  and work on a variety of creative projects, executed through a variety of channels and where there are varied target audiences.

    They come skilled and experienced in animation and videography in brand comms, campaigns and documentaries.

    This candidate has worked predominantly agency side, although they are now currently in an in-house studio, they are keen to venture back to agency life.

    Their portfolio is very strong, and their personality is highly likeable, engaging, considered.

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  • ​PPC Manager 
    ​PPC Manager  West Mids, East Mids ​30,000+

    A PPC Manager who is immediately available and looking for a new role within a brilliant agency.

    Bringing experience in being client-facing, developing strategies and being hands-on. Experienced in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and enjoys being analytical and reporting back to clients, making recommendations.

    This candidate brings experience in search, display and shopping and has a broad portfolio of client sectors.

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  • Senior PR Account Executive / Junior PR Account Manager
    Senior PR Account Executive / Junior PR Account Manager Berkshire / London ​26,000 - 28,000

    A passionate and driven Senior PR Account Executive who is currently working within a PR agency and looking for their next move.

    They are client-facing and talking to their clients on a daily basis. They are involved in developing strategies for their clients and reporting back at the end of each month on PR and social media campaign performance. Our candidate absolutely loves working with the media and is experienced with local, regional and national level, along with specific publications and online press. Bringing a mix of experience within B2C and B2B, they would be an asset to any team.

    ideally looking to stay agency-side, but would also consider a brilliant in-house brand.

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  • Social Media Executive; Web Content Manager
    Social Media Executive; Web Content Manager Leicestershire ​30,000

    An ambitious and passionate social media and digital marketer looking for a permanent role within a brilliant agency or in-house marketing department in Leicestershire or surrounding areas.

    This candidate has broad experience across all things digital marketing, owning all aspects of social media management, from strategising to creating campaigns, implementing, and reporting on both paid and organic content.

    A Content Creator at heart who can utilise the Adobe Suite to create graphics, videos, and traditional marketing materials. They also have experience in copywriting, producing blogs, news stories, email campaigns, as well as web and social content.

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  • Digital Marketing Manager/Social Media Manager
    Digital Marketing Manager/Social Media Manager West Midlands ​32,500

    An integrated digital marketer and social media specialist looking for a permanent role in and around Birmingham.

    This candidate is a passionate Content Creator, producing quality and engaging multimedia material across all digital channels.

    A hardworking, affable, organised and committed individual who is results oriented with an abundance of experience in all things digital, web, PPC, SEO, social media strategy and community management as well as being a capable Graphic Designer and Video Editor who has a wealth of knowledge within the Adobe suite.

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  • E-commerce Manager, E-commerce Executive
    E-commerce Manager, E-commerce Executive Northamptonshire ​27,000

    A driven and passionate E-commerce Manager/Executive looking for a permanent role where they can expand their knowledge and ability while providing a thorough and data-led approach to your business's needs. This candidate has experience managing e-commerce end to end and has the skills required to improve the UX and UI components and functionality of a website being familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  

    This candidate has a creative eye for detail and can put together optimised images for an e-commerce store using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD as well as being able to consult on technical website issues and improvements. 

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  • ​Head of Digital, Head of Growth 
    ​Head of Digital, Head of Growth  Warks, Oxon, West Mids ​80,000

    I am working with an incredible senior digital marketing professional who is on the lookout for their next client side role.

    They bring a wealth of experience in developing and running digital marketing teams, leading on strategy but also maintaining experience with the hands-on ‘doing’ across PPC, SEO, social media, content, ecomm with a focus on lead generation, driving traffic, conversion, and overall brand awareness. Mixed experience across B2B and B2C with a passion for consumer sectors.

    Our candidate is interested in joining a team within the consumer space, who is looking to focus on their digital transformation. They will be able to help you in your journey, either putting processes and systems in place or helping you build on the foundations, taking your digital marketing to the next level.

    Happy to commute across the East and West Midlands in a role that supports hybrid working.

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  • Senior UX Designer
    Senior UX Designer Northants, West & East Midlands ​60,000 - 65,000

    I am very excited to know this amazing Senior UX Designer who is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about UX.

    This talented individual truly values every step of the UX process and loves to make a positive impact in helping others through digital solutions, as well as supporting and encouraging their colleagues. Their experience to date has been within a large in-house digital team, leading on a variety of user experience projects, directing Copywriters and UI Designers, as well as liaising with multiple internal stakeholders. They can lead workshop facilitation, design project management and budgeting and forecasting.

    A confident and engaging speaker with excellent presentation skills, and the ability to coach and mentor others. Now ready to take on the next chapter of their career, they are actively seeking new opportunities in EdTech and HealthTech.

    If you are interested to hear more, please drop me a line ASAP as they will get snapped up quickly!

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  • ​Senior Digital Marketing Exec
    ​Senior Digital Marketing Exec Birmingham ​25,000 to 27,000

    I had the pleasure of meeting a great Digital Marketing Executive who is on the lookout for a new role. They bring experience working within a consumer brand, managing social media, creating content plans, scheduling content using Hootsuite, creating content and reporting.

    They are creating content for digital platforms and managing email campaigns. Our candidate has a creative eye and is also managing podcasts and video series. They are looking for a role where they can be working with a great team, with the opportunity to grow and progress in their career.

    They are looking in and around the Birmingham area.
    If you are a consumer brand, or a marketing agency looking for someone to join the team, get in touch and I will tell you more about this fab candidate.

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  • Senior PR Account Executive/Junior PR Account Manager
    Senior PR Account Executive/Junior PR Account Manager Bucks, Berks, London ​30,000 - 33,000

    A talented Senior PR Account Executive / Junior PR Account Manager who brings lots of experience working both in-house and agency side within consumer PR.

    They absolutely love to create content and can be found writing press releases, articles, blogs and social media content. They have strong influencer management experience and also love media relations, working with the media at different levels and securing the best coverage. Also bringing experience in social media and community management.

    Not only is this candidate creative, but they also enjoy looking at campaign performance. They are now looking to join another agency, or move in-house with a cool consumer brand.

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  • Social Media Executive, PPC Executive
    Social Media Executive, PPC Executive Beds, Bucks, Herts, Northants ​25,000 - 28,000

    A talented and experienced Social Media Executive and PPC Executive looking for a permanent role within a great agency or in-house marketing department.

    Our candidate is currently client-facing and has a background in both B2B and B2C roles. They are currently managing social and PPC campaigns end-to-end, from initial concept through to delivery on behalf of a wide range of clients.

    They are a hands-on professional who can manage all aspects of digital on behalf of a company or agency and are open to immediately available roles in the Midlands.

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  • Head of Social, Head of Digital
    Head of Social, Head of Digital West Midlands ​40,000 - 45,000

    An experienced and passionate Head of Social or Head of Digital Content looking for a permanent role within a brilliant in-house marketing/digital team or agency in the West Midlands.

    With over 17 years’ experience in sport and leisure, working across all things digital, social, and content, they are looking for a new challenge where they can lead a team of creatives to disrupt the market.

    This candidate effectively harnesses the power of storytelling to bring brands to life using all creative marketing channels at their disposal. Applying a creative and strategic approach, they aim to achieve results beyond expectations.

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  • Social Media Executive/Manager (Influencer)
    Social Media Executive/Manager (Influencer) Wiltshire, Bristol ​24,000 - 27,000

    An awesome Social Media professional with strong experience in influencer marketing. This candidate has brilliant experience across a range of consumer sectors including beauty, fashion and lifestyle both working with agencies and in-house.

    They are developing social and influencer strategies and managing the implementation, creating content, scheduling and posting. They are involved in influencer contracts, onboarding and managing the influencer program.

    This candidate would suit an agency working on some lovely consumer brands, or for an in-house brand across beauty, fashion or lifestyle.  

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  • Content Manager, Content Creator 
    Content Manager, Content Creator  Remote ​Flexible

    A brilliant writer and Content Creator who is looking for a part-time, remote role.

    This candidate has built an impressive portfolio of clients across a range of different sectors including consumer, B2B, charity and Not For Profit. They are able to write content for websites, social media, whitepapers, thought leadership, blogs, brochures, PR and award entries. Now on the lookout for a role within an agency or in-house where they can do what they love most; write lots of content!

    Although they would like their next role to be part-time and remote they would be happy to visit the office and flexible with how part-time the role is.

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  • Brand Activation & Market Manager
    Brand Activation & Market Manager West/East Mids, Warks, Worcs, Derbyshire  ​40,000 - 45,000

    A Brand Activation and Market Manager with an extensive automotive background working for a number of globally recognised brands as well as previous experience within the FMCG sector.

    This individual demonstrates experience in bringing international brands to prominence within Europe, creating brand recognition through commercial agreements, sponsorship and promotional contracts, as well as managing partnerships with vehicle manufacturers, racing circuits, championships and engineering partners.

    Other skills include:

    • Developing and implementing brand strategy including matrix management of local marketing teams and agency resource

    • Stakeholder management responsibility at VP and Director level

    • Developing communication campaigns around sponsorship activation and product launches

    • Extensive events management

    • Ensuring consistent and impactful branding and product messaging across both B2B and B2C

    • PR and media management to include crisis, national and local media

    This candidate has worked internationally and is used to travelling although their next role does not have to include this element. They are open to sector moving forward and happy to consider both full-time and 4-day options.

    They are based in the West Midlands but happy to travel.

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  • Marketing Director, Head of Marketing  (FS)
    Marketing Director, Head of Marketing (FS) West/East Mids, London, Oxon, Home Counties ​70,000 - 80,000

    A Senior Marketing Leader/Head of Marketing with over 20 years’ experience within financial services marketing, including retail banking, general insurance and mutual life business. Experienced in developing and delivering agile transformation roadmaps, driving change across marketing teams to improve ways of working, delivering efficiencies and supporting the successful navigation of change.

    This individual is a proven team leader and experienced in managing teams of up to 15.

    Core skills include:

    • Strategy development, project management

    • Brand development, implementation and translation

    • Direct marketing, predominantly focused around engagement, acquisition and retention

    • Digital marketing including paid social, PPC, display and online content development

    • Partnership marketing

    • Retail in-branch & event marketing, exhibitions, conferences, seminars

    • Agile marketing transformation

    Their ideal opportunity is somewhere they can build marketing/brand and support a business to grow internationally. Happy to travel globally and has experience managing large international events/exhibitions.

    Open to opportunities within financial services, professional services, energy and utilities.

    They are based in Birmingham but happy to travel anywhere (if flexible working), including London and surrounding areas.

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  • ​Content Writer, Content Executive
    ​Content Writer, Content Executive Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire ​23,000+

    A fab Content Writer who is currently writing lots of inspiring and motivating content for a range of consumer brands.

    They absolutely love working with new brands, adapting their tone of voice to match a brand and writing blogs, articles, web content as well as longer-form content.

    This candidate would suit a consumer brand within retail, leisure and health.

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  • B2B Content Writer
    B2B Content Writer Warwickshire ​36,000+

    A passionate Content Writer with strong experience writing for the B2B sector. Bringing a wealth of experience in researching, planning and writing content for thought leadership, reports, whitepapers, emails, case studies, blogs and presentations.

    With a brilliant knowledge of and experience in SEO, this candidate is great at taking technical information and making it easy to understand and engage with. They are now looking for a similar role working within a B2B company or agency.

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  • Performance Marketing Exec/Digital Marketing Exec
    Performance Marketing Exec/Digital Marketing Exec West Midlands ​25,000 -30,000

    A brilliant Digital candidate who brings strong account management, PPC, SEO and content experience.

    They are client-facing, working with a portfolio of clients to understand their needs and developing strategies. They are able to develop PPC strategies, set up campaigns and then report back on performance. Also experienced in paid and organic social media.

    They are now looking for a role where they can focus on Performance Marketing; being hands-on but also consulting with their clients.

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  • Midweight Graphic Designer
    Midweight Graphic Designer West Midlands, Warwickshire ​25,000

    An aspiring and talented Midweight Creative with 4 years’ industry experience across digital, branding, motion graphics, and social media content creation including copywriting.

    This super lovely individual really stands out as a Graduate having worked in an agency during their degree and has now spent a couple of years in a creative agency developing skills in brand/identity, printed literature & graphics, digital campaigns and social media content.

    Their software skills include InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, After Effects, WordPress, Dreamweaver and Sketch. With a huge passion for brand and creative, they are keen to develop their career in a creative agency setting working on varied and challenging work, ideally with a range of projects encompassing digital, branding, social and print.

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  • Social Media Manager
    Social Media Manager West Midlands ​30,000

    A brilliant Social Media Manager with 5 years experience across agency and consumer brands. This candidate has grown social media accounts nationally and internationally through both paid and organic means, coming up with creative and effective strategies.

    With experience in curating and managing influencer relationships on behalf of brands, this is an invaluable skill to possess in this current market.

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  • ​PR Account Manager, PR Manager 
    ​PR Account Manager, PR Manager  Notts, Leics, Derbyshire, B'ham ​32,000+

    A brilliant consumer PR Account Manager currently working agency side but looking for their next role, either within a consumer agency or an in-house brand.

    They are leading on a portfolio of accounts, being client-facing, developing strategies and managing the hands-on implementation of PR campaigns. This candidate loves to mentor and nurture junior members of the team, running training sessions and helping others grow in their careers.

    If you are looking for a senior level candidate who loves doing the do, writing press releases and working with the media at local, regional and national level, along with consumer titles, this could be the person for you!

    Our candidate is looking for roles across the East Midlands and will consider West Midlands if there is lots of flexibility with hybrid working.

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  • ​Paid Search Manager, Digital Marketing Manager 
    ​Paid Search Manager, Digital Marketing Manager  Birmingham  ​34,000 - 36,000

    A talented Paid Search Manager who has strong, broad digital marketing experience across SEO, PPC, social media and digital campaign management. Also bringing strong agency and in-house experience working with a range of retail clients.

    They are strategic, developing campaigns, managing keyword research, campaign optimisation and ad creation. They are also analytical, looking at performance of campaigns and making recommendations for continual improvement. Experienced in SEMrush.

    Now looking for a Digital Marketing Manager role, or a PPC Manager opportunity working in-house for a core brand. Culture is key for this candidate and they want to be joining a team where they can grow and progress whilst working with lovely people!

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  • Digital Marketing Executive /Digital Content Creator
    Digital Marketing Executive /Digital Content Creator Warwickshire, West Midlands ​27,000

    A brilliant Social Media Officer and Digital Content Creator looking for a permanent role within an exciting creative agency or in-house marketing department in Coventry or Birmingham.

    This candidate’s greatest strengths lie in their creativity and professional communication skills, allowing them to effectively market any brand.

    A Content Creator at heart who can utilise the Adobe Suite to produce and edit compelling multimedia projects on top of high-quality photography. With a solid understanding of how to communicate with an audience, this candidate has experience producing tailored content across social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok.

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  • Senior Marcomms Manager - Automotive
    Senior Marcomms Manager - Automotive West & East Mids, Oxon, Worcs ​45,000 - 50,000

    This Senior Marcomms Manager is Warwickshire based and happy to travel, especially if a company is offering hybrid working.    

    An experienced Senior Marketing Professional, from a well known automotive brand, with many years of broad-based Marketing Communications experience, including experience of developing and implementing Commercial Marketing Strategies in line with company objectives and targets, extensive budget management, direct marketing, CRM marketing, loyalty programs, POS, brand management/corporate identity, digital marketing, events & exhibitions, strong stakeholder management skills, team building and coaching, PR/media and Internal communications.


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  • Social Media Manager
    Social Media Manager Nottinghamshire ​35,000 - 40,000

    A passionate and experienced Social Media Manager looking for a permanent role within a brilliant agency or in-house marketing department. With over 6 years’ experience managing both paid and organic social media channels and advertising, they are looking for a new challenge where they can develop their skills and career within a team of like-minded people.   

    This candidate has experience managing social campaigns comprehensively, planning, creating, implementing, and reporting on a daily and weekly basis to improve ROI. Coming from an in-house background, they have worked on multiple brands and partnerships and are used to building key stakeholder relationships.  

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  • Senior Account Executive/Account Manager
    Senior Account Executive/Account Manager West Midlands

    This Birmingham-based candidate is very bright, has bags of enthusiasm and comes across as a very switched-on account handler with a positive can-do attitude. They climbed very quickly from an Account Executive to become an acting Account Manager, solely managing large very profitable accounts. 

    They have done lots of video and content production, social media campaigns, pitching to clients and writing copy. They have also worked client side where they again excelled quickly and had lots of responsibility including - writing press releases, working on events and interviews with major broadcasters.  

    This account handler manages all the usual responsibilities for accounts, such as timelines, quotes, briefing internal teams and providing clients with post project reports.

    For their next opportunity, they want a role at an agency with a great culture, where they can grow and work across different client sectors.


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  • Trend & Insight Director
    Trend & Insight Director Northants, East/West Mids, Warks 85,000 - 95,000 (4/5 days pw)

    I am working with a highly talented Trend & Insight Director who is looking for a new permanent opportunity.

    This incredibly bright and inspiring individual has a strong background in creative direction across product design, graphics, and packaging, and developing brand strategies for consumer products. They demonstrate a results-driven approach and excellent relationship-building skills, with the ability to influence those around them in a positive way.

    Having moved into a Trend & Insight role, which has also involved establishing and leading the company’s Sustainability initiative, they offer expertise in Consumer Insight Analysis, Trend Forecasting, Sustainability Strategy, Brand Strategy, Team building and leadership.

    With significant experience leading and developing design teams, this passionate team player is willing to be hands-on to support staff and promote successful teamwork. High on their agenda is collaboration, great leadership, and making a positive difference to working culture and environments. Whilst happy to pursue their next challenge in consumer product they are very open to transferring their skills to other sectors within retail to further their personal and professional development.

    A truly engaging and committed senior professional who will bring tremendous value to any creative or marketing team!

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  • PR and Content Manager 
    PR and Content Manager  Notts, Derbyshire, Leics ​33,000+

    A fabulous PR and Content Manager, with strong experience in promoting all of the brilliant work a brand does; writing press releases, liaising with the media at different levels and managing influencers. They have strong experience working across B2B sectors including automotive and finance along with some consumer sectors.

    They also have strong experience in content creation (case studies, articles, award submissions, web copy and newsletters) and are keen to find a role where they can write lots of engaging content. Our candidate has also recently been involved in launching a new brand, focusing on developing tone of voice and managed PR and content for this new brand.

    This candidate is looking for a role where they can hit the ground running, join a great team and work on some brilliant projects.

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  • Content Writer
    Content Writer London ​30,000 - 32,000

    A fab Content Writer with strong experience creating content for print and online platforms across both B2B and consumer sectors.

    They are creating content for press releases, articles, features, social media and magazines to name a few, and absolutely love researching topics and ensuring all content is SEO optimised.

    This candidate would suit an agency working on a variety of clients, or one core brand. London based and immediately available. Some home-working is a must.

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  • ​Head of SEO
    ​Head of SEO London ​100,000

    An SEO Director who has strong agency experience. If you are looking for a senior SEO professional to join your team and help you achieve huge growth, this could be the person for you.

    Although incredibly strategic, they are also hands-on in day-to-day SEO activities to ensure that they are keeping up with the latest trends. Experienced in team development and management, development and implementation of best practice. They are used to working on a global scale across different markets with a focus on user experience.

    Also experienced in ASO with good experience in supporting app optimisation and growth.  

    They are now looking for their next opportunity within the Tech space.

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  • Head of Digital/Senior Digital Marketing Manager 
    Head of Digital/Senior Digital Marketing Manager  West Mids, Warks, Staffs ​55,000+

    An experienced Senior Digital marketer with strong experience across social media, email, website, PPC, SEO and digital strategy.

    This candidate is able to develop digital marketing strategies, manage a team to deliver while remaining hands-on themselves. Now on the lookout for a role working within an ecommerce business where they can continue to help a brand grow and transform through digital marketing.

    If you have big ideas about where you want to be but need some help with your digital strategy, then they could be the perfect person for your team. With a huge passion for customer experience and improving a customer journey, they really do know how to optimise all of the key touchpoints. Also incredibly analytical and love reporting on campaign success.

    They are now looking for roles across the West Midlands / Staffordshire with a mix of office and home-working.

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  • ​Head of Content
    ​Head of Content London ​95,000+

    An incredibly experienced Head of Content managing all content for the UK market while working for a global company.

    They are currently leading a mid-sized team in the delivery of a content and comms strategy which they have been responsible for developing. One of their many strengths lies with supporting growing companies that need a content function introduced, setting up processes, defining tone of voice and implementing best practice.

    Now on the lookout for a new role in and around London with some home-working.

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  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Digital Marketing Manager Northamptonshire ​40,000

    A passionate and determined Digital Marketing Manager looking for a permanent role within a brilliant agency or in-house marketing department.

    With hands-on experience across all forms of digital marketing including PPC, SEO, content and web, this candidate can make an immediate impact on your business.  

    They have experience managing a small team as well as a strong background in developing strategies for various projects. This candidate is also proficient in using data and performance insights to develop and implement successful campaigns across all channels of digital.  

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  • Social Media Executive
    Social Media Executive West Midlands ​20,000

    A talented and enthusiastic junior Social Media Executive looking for a permanent role within a great marketing department where they can expand on their experience and progress their career.  This candidate would love to find a role in the creative industry and has a skillset that stretches across all forms of traditional and digital marketing.  

    They are a keen photographer and can assist in creating image and video content for both social media and web. They have refined their skills in a one-person department and would like to find a role where they can be part of a team and learn from others.   

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  • Social Media Manager
    Social Media Manager Manchester, Open to relocation ​32,000

    A Senior Social Media Manager looking for a permanent role within a brilliant agency or in-house marketing department.

    This candidate has experience managing paid and organic social media channels on behalf of clients from various industries and is now seeking a role where they can progress into senior management.

    With a strong background in content creation with graphics, videos, GIF’s and copywriting, this candidate is very hands-on and can cover all aspects of social media management. As a natural creative, this candidate would bring fresh ideas to the table and enhance any campaign they put their mind to. 

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  • Front End Developer
    Front End Developer West Midlands ​40,000 - 45,000

    This experienced Front End Developer is currently working in one of the Midlands' most highly respected creative agencies.  Working with Back End Developers, this Front End Developer has the responsibility of the build and maintenance of all the client websites and apps.

    This FE Developer has a passion for technology, is self-motivated in learning new technologies and skilled in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, WordPress (Theme development and Plug-ins), WooCommerce, PHP, JavaScript (React, Next.JS, Vue.JS and jQuery).

    They have very good communication skills, enjoy collaborating within a team and can build strong relationships. This candidate is looking to work in a progressive agency or company that likes their staff to keep growing and developing their capabilities and values new ideas and approaches

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  • Head of Creative - Motion
    Head of Creative - Motion Warks, West MIds, Northants, London ​50,000 - 60,000

    This candidate is a brilliant senior level Creative/Head of/CD with a heavy focus in Motion. Recently relocated to the area and looking to head up a multi-disciplinary team or a team of Motion and Animation specialists. Used to pitching, and client work, across B2B and B2C.

    They have worked with many brands and many sectors with a portfolio that demonstrates many approaches and styles. They would love to join a studio with clients that have a global/international reach.
    Happy working in a hands-on capacity, including the big idea, storyboarding, directing, editing, animating, data visualisation, illustrations.

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  • ​Communications Exec, Digital Marketing Exec
    ​Communications Exec, Digital Marketing Exec Warwickshire, West Midlands ​24,000 - 25,000

    A brilliant marketer with strong experience in communications including content, social media and PR.

    Our candidate brings experience in, and a passion for the consumer sector and, their dream role would be within attractions, entertainment or other retail and lifestyle sectors.

    If you are looking for someone who is brilliant at writing, knows how to drive traffic to your websites and gain coverage while managing other press activities this could be the missing person in your team.

    Also experienced with social media from content planning, scheduling and posting.

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  • Head of Content
    Head of Content London, Berkshire, West Mids ​60,000+

    An incredible Head of Content looking for a new role either within an agency that specialises in tech or an in-house tech brand.

    Our candidate is strategic, developing content strategies for a portfolio of consumer and B2B tech clients, developing tone of voice and messaging. As well as being hands-on and writing content for press releases, articles, thought leadership, email, web content, apps, podcasts and video.

    Culture is incredibly important to our candidate, and they are looking for a role where they can continue to grow and develop, whilst nurturing a team.

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  • ​Events Project Manager, Event Manager 
    ​Events Project Manager, Event Manager  Warks, West Mids, Worcs ​35,000+

    A brilliant Events Project Manager looking for their next role in the events industry.

    Bringing strong project management experience, they are client-facing, creative and incredibly hands-on. They love getting involved in creative concepts, taking a brief and managing it through the team. They are working on a range of different events across the UK and internationally, and are incredibly passionate about creating ‘breath-taking event spaces’.

    Coming from a design and build background this candidate really does understand all elements of delivering a top-class event.

    They are looking for their next role in an events agency where they can hit the ground running.  

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  • Content Manager, Content Marketing Manager
    Content Manager, Content Marketing Manager Warks, Oxfordshire, West Mids ​40,000+

    A fab B2B marketing professional with a wealth of experience in content creation.

    They are working at a senior level, understanding business goals and developing a content strategy in line with marketing objectives. They are developing a tone of voice and are hands-on in developing content across different platforms including press releases, articles, blogs, thought leadership, social media and eBooks. They are also driven by results and enjoy analysing content performance, making changes to improve campaign outcomes.

    Coming from a strong B2B marketing background, this candidate can manage marketing campaigns and understands the importance of content throughout a campaign, not just isolated pieces.

    They are now looking for a role either working within an agency working on a portfolio of B2B clients, or looking to join an in-house team and managing all things content and marketing campaigns.

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  • Multimedia Designer, Videographer
    Multimedia Designer, Videographer Worcs, West Mids, Warks  ​33,000

    This lovely Multimedia Content Producer with 8 years’ experience, has worked a mixture of in-house and freelance.

    They have an exceptionally broad knowledge of all things ‘visual’, as a professional Videographer and Photographer who has upskilled in graphic design. They are used to working within the corporate world adhering to global brand guidelines and delivering visual content with a purpose.

    Other skills include motion graphics, basic animation, specialist video projects, adobe creative suite and final cut pro.

    They are looking to join a company where they can apply all of their experience to build some really strong visual assets with purpose.

    Strengths: Videography, Photography, Multimedia Graphic Design

    More info
  • Multimedia Designer. 2D Animator
    Multimedia Designer. 2D Animator Leicestershire ​28,000

    This enthusiastic multi-disciplinary Designer brings 7 years’ design experience and a personal passion for motion graphics. They are a visual storyteller who has taken their fine art background and translated that into a contemporary and clean approach to design, with an overall artistic eye.

    Looking for a permanent job where they can continue developing their junior motion work alongside their middleweight digital design.

    Strengths: Graphic design

    More info
  • ​Multimedia Content Producer
    ​Multimedia Content Producer Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire ​33,000

    We are super excited to have this relocator on our books, who has 7 years’ experience at a creative design agency as their head of all visual content. Used to working with global brands and household names, their strengths include media production, videography, photography, post production, graphic design, motion graphics and content creation.

    Ideally looking for a multidisciplinary role combining all those skills but is happy to specialise for the right job.

    Open to agency or in-house.

    Strengths: Videographer, Video Editor, Producer

    More info
  • Multimedia Content Producer
    Multimedia Content Producer West Mids, Warks, Worcs ​33,000

    I am delighted to present this multi-skilled Videographer and Content Producer, who takes projects through the whole production process. With experience in storyboarding, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing, they have applied their work across a multitude of platforms, working with global household brands. Whether that is creating high-end video content or visual assets for social platforms.

    Most recently, as the sole Videographer within a marketing team, my candidate wants to look for a new and exciting opportunity where their creativity can be utilised to its fullest.

    Additional skills: extensive music knowledge (incl licensing), motion: AfterEffects 2D & 3D and Cinema 4D and the Adobe Creative suite.

    Strengths: Videography, Video Producer, Video Editor

    More info
  • Internal Comms Manager, Head of Internal Comms
    Internal Comms Manager, Head of Internal Comms Worcs, Warks, West Mids, Herefordshire ​48,000 - 55,000

    An Internal Communications Manager(open to sector, background in tech and public sector).

    Several years’ experience in developing and delivering internal communication strategies for large multi-site global organisations, supporting business growth and change management with a strong focus on ‘one organisation’.

    Key skills include: 

    • Develop and deliver a strategic programme of internal communications activity for the group that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives and enables employees to have an active voice

    • Launch, monitor and refresh a range of communication channels to encourage interactive engagement

    • Lead the development and launch of the organisations employee recognition and reward scheme

    • Work with the Board of Executive Officers to provide trusted, expert advice on internal communications


    More info
  • Senior Marketing Comms Manager, Head of Marcomms
    Senior Marketing Comms Manager, Head of Marcomms Warwickshire, Oxfordshire ​45,000 - 55,000

    Senior Marcomms Manager/Head of (open to sector, background in charity/NFP and engineering).

    A strategic communications leader with extensive team and stakeholder management experience and a proven track record of delivering results from multi-channel campaigns.

    Key skills include:  

    • Setting overall communications strategy and stakeholder management plans

    • Leading on press – including high profile media appearances, crisis communication and reputation management plans, including organising meetings with industry representatives and policymakers

    • Reporting against KPIs to the leadership team and sector board

    • Presenting at meetings and conferences, and briefing colleagues and external contacts for speaking and media opportunities

    More info
  • ​Events Project Manager, Events Manager
    ​Events Project Manager, Events Manager Oxfordshire ​32,000

    A true events professional who has been working within an events agency managing a range of different events from awards, incentives, exhibitions and conferences. They are client-facing, meeting clients to take a brief and then project managing the event from start to finish. Skilled in event planning, logistics management, budget management and coming up with creative concepts.

    Our candidate is brilliant with clients and is now looking for a new challenge.

    They would suit an Events Project Manager OR Senior Events Project Manager role.  

    More info
  • Head of PR and Social
    Head of PR and Social West Mids, Staffs, Derbyshire ​50,000+

    An exceptional Senior PR and Social Media candidate who is on the lookout for a Head of PR and Social role within an agency or in-house.

    Bringing a wealth of experience in B2B along with consumer from developing strategies to hands-on content creation, they are happy to get stuck in. If you are looking for someone to join the team, working at a senior level, managing the team and helping drive PR and social campaigns, then get in touch to find out more about this brilliant candidate.  

    More info
  • Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Executive
    Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Executive Warwickshire, West Mids 33,000 - 35,000

    A multi-talented and experienced integrated Marketing Executive (with strong digital experience) looking for a permanent role within a great in-house marketing department. With over 5 years’ experience as a Marketing Manager within the housing industry, this candidate is now looking for their next challenge.  

    This candidate is a data-led marketer with experience using insights to shape future campaigns across a variety of digital channels. They have been involved in social media management, creating new accounts from scratch using both paid and organic methods. They have both B2B and B2C experience and have worked to build relationships with internal and external stakeholders to ensure they are always providing successful campaigns.


    More info
  • PR & Communications Manager, PR Account Manager
    PR & Communications Manager, PR Account Manager Berkshire, Buckinghamshire  40,000 - 45,000

    I am working with a great PR and Communications Manager who is on the lookout for their next role. They have some great experience across PR, comms, content and social media, most of their experience is coming from the education and property sectors but they have some great transferable skills.

    Also bringing some client-facing experience and great account management. They are writing press releases, working with the media and brilliant at identifying good news stories. They bring media relations experience at local, regional and national levels along with working with specific publications. Strong content experience for blogs, articles, social, research papers, case studies and web content, having started their career in journalism they know how to bring words to life!  

    Now on the lookout for a role either within an agency, or in-house, working with a great team where they can just hit the ground running from day one.

    More info
  • ​Marketing Director, Head of Marketing
    ​Marketing Director, Head of Marketing B’ham, Warks, Leics, Northants, Home Counties, London ​60,000+

    An ambitious and enthusiastic Director of Marketing with an impressive Sports Retail background and portfolio of global brands, both client side and agency.

    This individual has proven success driving both established and challenger brands to commercial success in a highly competitive market.

    Duties and responsibilities have included full multi-channel market strategy development, both within the UK and internationally, brand repositioning, global sponsorship and asset activation, business development and acquisition, departmental, accountability and people development.

    In addition, this individual has managed and optimised budgets of up to £2.5m BTL through 13 direct reports.

    Successes include the development of a full UK multi-channel marketing strategy for a challenger brand which created high impact and deeply immersive campaigns culminating in 87% (YoY) sales growth, as well as driving one of the most successful campaigns to date for a household brand generating 53% commercial growth (YoY).

    This individual thrives in a strategic and visionary environment and is now looking for a new opportunity. They will consider London as a location if it is 1-2 days per week.

    More info
  • ​Digital Communications Exec, Social Media Account Manager
    ​Digital Communications Exec, Social Media Account Manager Gloucestershire, West Midlands ​27,000+

    A talented Social Media Manager with broad digital marketing experience. This candidate brings experience working both agency side and in-house across the leisure, travel and, not for profit sectors.

    They are used to being client-facing, setting social media strategies, developing content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, and also reporting on social media campaign performance. They are managing websites and communications campaigns with brilliant writing experience.

    This candidate would suit a consumer integrated or digital agency where they can manage their own portfolio of clients or would join an in-house team, managing social and wider digital marketing.


    More info
  • Front End Developer
    Front End Developer Warwickshire, West Midlands ​30,000 - 35,000

    An experienced Front End Developer with over 5 years experience within creative agencies where they have worked alongside Designers and Developers to build and maintain large sites, including sites that are in multiple languages and e-commerce based, or sites with bespoke CMS and that are heavily content driven.

    This Front End Developer is confident in using a wide range of development tools, writing and adapting code across HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, Git, Gulp and WordPress and Craft. 

    They are driven and inquisitive and wanting to constantly learn new ways and new technologies.  

    More info
  • Freelance Motion Graphics Designer
    Freelance Motion Graphics Designer London or remote ​350 per day

    Skills: This talented Motion Graphics designer creates compelling motion graphics designs, 2D animation, digital illustration, typography, storyboarding, designing assets for animations and social media graphics/banners and digital design. All created using After Effects, Illustrator, Premier, Media encoder, Procreate and Rough Animator.

    Loving every element of moving graphics and storytelling, the projects that they have created range from social, advertising, explainer videos, documentaries, media and events.

    Experience: This Motion Graphics Designer is skilled in creating motion graphics and animations (including complex 2D animation), including experience in green-screen. They can take a brief from start to finish, storyboarding, style frames. They have big, integrated agency and small boutique agency experience, working across some fantastic brands, including; Nike, Google, John Lewis, Warburtons, Sky, Boots and Microsoft.

    More info
  • Junior Category Manager
    Junior Category Manager West Mids, Warks, Worcs ​30,000+

    I am working with an Assistant Category Manager with 3 years’ experience as Assistant Category Manager, and a further 2 years’ experience as Assistant Product Manager, working for a large product-led organisation.

    They are now looking to take the next step in their career into a Junior Category Manager role, or similar.

    Their experience includes:

    • Negotiation of trade agreements exceeding £500,000pa value

    • Delivery of nearly 100% year on year growth with leading category

    • Plan and delivery of exit strategies

    • Contributing to supplier base strategy for 30 retailers with annual sales exceeding £4million

    • Range reviews and consolidation of product ranges

    • Communicate category initiatives

    • Competitor analysis, pricing and insight  

    This candidate is Immediately available and looking for a role within the West Midlands or surrounding areas.

    More info
  • Content Executive, Communications Executive
    Content Executive, Communications Executive West Mids, Nottingham, Staffs 25,000 - 26,000

    A talented content creator with experience across social media, PR and communications. This candidate has a wealth of experience working in the sports industry and is keen to either join an agency where they can work on a range of consumer clients, or work client side working on a great consumer brand.

    If you are looking for someone who can manage social media channels across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snap and Twitter and create all kinds of content for email marketing campaigns, website content and other customer messaging, this could be the person for you. Brilliant experience in PR, raising brand awareness and community management.

    More info
  • Marketing Manager, Brand Manager
    Marketing Manager, Brand Manager West Mids, Warks, Worcs, Leics ​40,000 - 45,000

    I am working with a creative Brand and Marketing Communications Manager with a strong background in charity, utilities and FS and excellent team management skills. 

    This individual brings full mix experience including broadcast media, digital, brand identity/development, PR and CRM and is experienced in developing and delivering strategies and activity to drive growth and retention. Within charity, this person has proven success in developing and launching a re-brand rolled out across 100’s of locations, driving brand awareness and the implementation of new fundraising initiatives resulting in a 23% increase in donations.

    They are Immediately available and looking for an opportunity within a commercial organisation.

    More info
  • EMEA Marketing & Communications  Manager
    EMEA Marketing & Communications Manager West Midlands ​46,000 - 50,000

    I am working with a Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, most recently EMEA Regional Manager for a global manufacturing organisation with a solid background in both manufacturing and retail.

    Focused on the management AND implementation of regional marketing strategies which align with global and EMEA sales plans, this individual brings with them expertise in strategy-planning, budget control, event management, matrix-team leading, coordinating and delivering marketing campaigns across several brands and global regions; executing digital and offline strategies and is proficient in developing creative digital engagement and activities through CMS, website, social media, case studies and webinars; aligning all marketing channels to achieve brand consistency, market growth and deliver lead generation-to-sales acquisition.

    An extremely committed, pragmatic and innovative team player with excellent interpersonal skills and proven success in elevating multiple brands across global regions.

    This candidate is Immediately available and looking for a role with an ambitious business across the West Midlands.


    More info
  • PR Executive, PR Account Executive
    PR Executive, PR Account Executive Hertfordshire, London ​25,000 +

    A passionate PR and digital professional looking to make a move back into PR.

    With experience working within a consumer PR agency, this candidate has been creating press releases and selling these into the press to gain the best coverage for their clients. Great experience within event management from sourcing venues to attending on the day. With a love of building and nurturing relationships, they are great at media relations. Most recently working within a digital marketing role where they were client-facing and reporting back to clients.

    Now looking for a role within an agency or in-house where they can continue to grow their career in PR.

    More info
  • Freelance VR/Unity Developer, Game Developer
    Freelance VR/Unity Developer, Game Developer Remote/London ​350 per day

    Skills: coding in Unity 3D, C#, Vuforia, Oculus Go, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Actionscript, AR/VR, OOP/MVC, Leap Motion, Phaser.js / Pixi.js, Google Cardboard

    Experience: a creative Game Developer who can work across developing in 2D and 3D across mobile and web platforms. Well versed also in Game design,  Source Control, and Motion Graphics with good practical knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodologies

    More info
  • Senior PR Manager, PR & Communications Manager 
    Senior PR Manager, PR & Communications Manager  Notts, B'ham, London ​50,000 - 55,000

    An exceptional Senior PR Manager / PR Manager who is now looking for a new role working within a B2B company. Bringing experience in PR and communications strategy but also remaining hands-on in day-to-day PR activity, this candidate absolutely loves to write and has a true strength in media relations.

    If you are looking for your first PR professional within the team or you are looking to grow your team, this candidate could be the one for you. With a love of building relationships and an ability to work closely with journalists, they would be brilliant at securing the very best coverage for you. They also bring with them experience in people management.

    More info
  • Freelance Experiential Designer, Retail Designer
    Freelance Experiential Designer, Retail Designer Remote ​325 per day

    Skills: This conceptually led, hands-on Designer can design end to end across; Experiential design, Innovation design, 3D Design, retail design, spacial design, in-store design, conceptual design, Cinema 4D, AutoCad, 3D Visualisation, 3D Modelling, technical drawing

    Experience: Retail (both luxury and high street), exhibitions, hospitality, innovation offices for Amazon, Pop up offices, innovation and future stores with interactive customer experience

    More info
  • ​PPC Manager,  PPC Specialist, Digital Marketing Mgr
    ​PPC Manager, PPC Specialist, Digital Marketing Mgr West Midlands, London ​35,000 +

    A talented PPC Specialist bringing with them a well-rounded background in digital marketing.

    This candidate is experienced in developing PPC strategies within the UK and European markets. They are also incredibly hands-on in setting up and managing PPC campaigns across search, display and shopping. With an analytical mindset, they love to report on campaign success and are always looking for ways to improve on their work.

    They have sector experience within travel, retail and fashion. They would suit an in-house or agency setting and are able to manage many accounts at once. Their broad digital marketing experience spans SEO, email, social and content.

    More info
  • Senior Account Director (Retail/Digital Tech)
    Senior Account Director (Retail/Digital Tech) East Midlands, Staffordshire ​60,000


    This candidate is a game-changer for any agency looking for someone to help transform their retail client's brand and marketing through digital technology. They could play a role as a Planner, to feed digital and tech insight into the teams, or play a lead Client Services role with a remit to build the digital tech solutions and lead on those accounts.

    They are all about embracing digital technology to enhance customer experience, create cost efficiencies, gain brand control, and drive effective and dynamic marketing.

    Ready, willing and able to get stuck in!

    More info
  • Producer
    Producer London ​45,000

    This Producer is available for freelance, although focused ideally on a new perm role, as such they are open to temp to perm too!

    They are all about superior delivery of all things comms, film, in-store, events, and experiential. Their biggest strength is getting campaigns done, and with 10 years experience of working with reputable agencies and studios, for a wide variety of brands and projects (both small and large and complex), there isn't anything I can think of that they couldn't deliver.

    Great personality. Great attitude. Great next employee!

    More info
  • Senior Digital Art Director/Designer
    Senior Digital Art Director/Designer South West, Glos (anywhere is hybrid working) ​55,000 - 60,000

    A highly experienced Senior Digital Art Director/Designer, with both agency and in-house experience. This candidate has a beautiful portfolio of digital campaign work that covers the digital spectrum of web, email, social, film, and experiential.

    Skilled in XD and motion too. If you are looking for a versatile digital creative specialist to cover everything from big ideas to craft, then you'd get a lot of value from this candidate. Also, a very nice person to have on the team!

    More info
  • PPC Specialist, Digital Marketing Executive
    PPC Specialist, Digital Marketing Executive Bucks, Warks, Beds, Oxon 33,000 - 34,000

    A Digital Marketing Executive with strong experience in SEO and PPC. If you are looking for a PPC Specialist to join the team who is able to take a brief and then build PPC campaigns from scratch this candidate could be the one for you.

    Not only do they know what works, they love to be analytical and report on campaign performance. They come with strong experience across Google and Bing. This candidate understands how PPC fits within a wider Digital Marketing Strategy and also brings experience in social media marketing, content creation, email and website along with creative skills.

    Now looking for their next role in-house and looking across Buckingham, Warwickshire, and anywhere in between. Hoping for a role with a mix of office and remote working.

    More info
  • PR Manager, Head of PR & Communications, Head of Media
    PR Manager, Head of PR & Communications, Head of Media West Mids, Warwickshire, London ​45,000 - 55,000

    A talented Senior PR professional who is now on the lookout for a new role. Bringing a huge amount of experience working across consumer, B2B and NFP sectors at both a strategic and hands-on level. This candidate loves to be hands-on and doing the do! They are able to develop PR and communications strategies and lead a small team to deliver. They are also happy with writing press releases, pitching to the media and managing social campaigns.

    Great experience in social media, stakeholder management and people management. If you are looking for someone to head up your PR and communications team, this candidate would bring some great experience and fresh ideas to the role. They would suit an in-house company with a fantastic working culture.

    More info
  • PR Account Manager, PR Manager
    PR Account Manager, PR Manager West Midlands, Warwickshire ​29,000 - 30,000

    An experienced, passionate and driven PR Account Manager who is relocating to the Midlands and keen to explore new opportunities.

    This candidate has experience working on a portfolio of clients and being the main point of contact. They are developing proposals and pitching for new business, managing the day-to-day PR activities, such as campaign planning, writing press releases, articles and managing social media. A true people-person who loves building relationships with the media and ensuring they secure the best coverage for their clients.

    This candidate would suit a PR Account Manager role in an agency that works with consumer clients or an in-house PR Manager role.

    More info
  • ​Senior PR Account Executive, PR Executive
    ​Senior PR Account Executive, PR Executive Leicestershire, West Mids ​26,000 – 28,000

    A talented individual with a unique mix of PR and photography experience working within the consumer sector. This candidate brings experience of working both within an agency and also in-house and is ready for their next role.

    Whilst working within a PR agency, this candidate was writing press releases, articles and blogs, managing social media campaigns and working with the press. They love building relationships with the media and enjoy selling in press releases to gain maximum coverage for their clients. Also experienced in photography and have worked in branding and marketing teams.

    This candidate is looking for their next role in PR, either working within a busy PR team or working in-house.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Senior Marketing Consultant
    ​Freelance Senior Marketing Consultant East Mids, Remote ​250 per day

    Skills: marketing and channel strategy, PR strategy and implementation, social media and community management, content strategy and writing, agency client services and project management, pitching

    Experience: agency, in-house, automotive, fashion retail & beauty, f&b, charity and NPO, public sector, b2b & b2c, international markets, multi-channel campaigns, brand comms, advertising, e-commerce, tenders, corporate and crisis comms, cross-channel media relations, event management

    More info
  • Senior Account Manager
    Senior Account Manager West Midlands ​40,000

    I’ve been working with a lovely and confident, career-driven, Senior Client Manager with broad client experience, who loves a challenge and has worked across multiple sectors including retail, automotive and fashion.

    This Account Director has worked in both agency and client side roles in the past and is an excellent problem solver who has managed complex projects from briefing through to final delivery across multiple big brand campaigns. They’re experienced at working across global accounts on product launches which have included experiential, comms and digital, managing senior-level client relationships.

    This Birmingham-based candidate is looking for their next Senior Client Manager/Account Director role in the West Midlands area at an agency with a great culture where they can continue to develop their skills and experience.

    More info
  • Account Director
    Account Director Oxfordshire ​35,000

    I’ve been working with a very talented and intelligent agency Account & Project Director who has over 10 years experience and is now looking for their next Account Director role.

    This candidate has delivered animation, digital and print campaigns for automotive, financial services, healthcare and FMCG brands, collaborating with senior stakeholders to successfully deliver multiple campaigns. Leading on successful pitches with national clients, they have won new business and are excellent at building strategic client relationships to grow client accounts.

    This Oxford-based candidate is looking for their next Account Director role in Oxford, or surrounding areas, at an agency where they can work across multiple brands and deliver an excellent level of client service and projects delivery.

    More info
  • Art Director/Creative Lead
    Art Director/Creative Lead London or remote ​350 per day

    Skills: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Branding, Social campaigns, instore experiential, POS

    Experience: having 14 years experience working at some leading Beauty & Fashion houses, as well as leading creative agencies, this Art Director/Creative Lead brings with them a range of skills from strategic to hands-on design. 

    They have worked with leading luxury fashion brands such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney and Gucci and their work has been showcased in leading fashion magazines across the country.  

    This fab candidate is available for freelance and permanent positions.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Senior Creative/Art Director
    ​Freelance Senior Creative/Art Director Remote ​300 per day

    Skills: brand strategy & planning, art direction, brand identity and roll-out, campaign initiation, integrated design, leading and mentoring teams

    Experience: agency, in-house, b2c, b2b, FMCG, corporate, events, integrated communications, f&b, healthcare, tech and more!

    More info
  • ​Business Development/Commercial Director
    ​Business Development/Commercial Director Midlands, Central England ​c.50,000 - 60,000 depending on model/package


    This candidate is relocating from the North and looking for a new perm (poss temp to perm) role in either an agency, or media owner, consultancy or digital product. They are all about employing 360 business development, sales and marketing strategies to grow new and/or existing business. Highly likeable, engaging, smart and passionate about enabling growth in the current and future world we live in, embracing new technologies, innovation, transformation. Open to location, as long as Central England.

    More info
  • ​Studio Director
    ​Studio Director Northants, Oxon, Bucks 55,000 - 60,000

    A highly motivated and talented Studio Director with significant experience working in a big creative agency specialising in retail, from in-store to online.

    This commercially driven individual is passionate about improving the quality and delivery of services within a fast-paced environment. Having been immersed in the retail sector, their expertise lies in shopper marketing and travel retail, with a strong emphasis on customer journey and brand experience. Their hands-on design development experience within this setting encouraged progression to a managerial role, overseeing the 2D development team of 24 staff (perm & freelance), and take responsibility for the operation, recruitment, standards and performance of the team, and for the wider business, leading in the pursuit of value, productivity and improved culture.

    Within the demands of agency life, they have adapted to changes quickly, improved workflow, efficiencies, developed internal business tools, with a constant eye on staff development and ongoing creative problem-solving. In addition, they have consulted on working culture and behavioural change and have been paramount in keeping morale high across the team.

    If you’re looking for expertise in studio management, and a leader who can be analytical, objective, and intuitive, this individual can bring tremendous value to your agency team.

    More info
  • ​Middleweight Art Director/Designer
    ​Middleweight Art Director/Designer West Mids, East Mids, North Mids ​30,000

    A marketing-savvy Art Director/Designer who has spent over 4 years in the creative industry, an in-house role with a fashion brand and now agency side, where they have developed as an Art Director working on concepts for product photoshoots and graphic design for a leading national retailer.

    This highly creative individual loves keeping up with design trends and enjoys working in a collaborative creative environment.  They are keen to further their career agency side, working on exciting brands alongside other creatives and designers.


    More info
  • Digital Marketing Executive/Senior Digital Marketing Executive 
    Digital Marketing Executive/Senior Digital Marketing Executive  Warwickshire, West Midlands 28,000 +

    This candidate will bring a niche skillset to the teams as they are able to manage digital marketing across social media, email marketing and creation of digital assets, but they also have strong experience in website management. They have coding experience using HTML and CSS and are able to make amends to websites from changing the look and feel to creating single pages from scratch.

    If you are looking for someone who can implement a digital marketing strategy and run end to end digital marketing campaigns, use the Adobe Creative Suite to design assets and manage your websites, then this could be the person for you.

    They are also analytical and able to report on all digital marketing activity. Skilled in MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, HubSpot and WordPress.

    More info
  • ​Digital  Marketing Executive
    ​Digital Marketing Executive Oxfordshire ​26,000 - 27,000

    A talented Digital Marketer based in Oxford and looking for a new role working either in-house or agency side.

    This candidate brings experience in implementing digital marketing strategies across different sectors and is able to manage campaigns from concept through to implementation. Their broad skillset sees them developing content calendars for social media, scheduling and posting across all platforms.

    They love to be creative and can design digital assets for use across social, website and email campaigns. This candidate is analytical at heart and enjoys reporting on all digital marketing activities, taking learnings and feeding this back into the overall strategy. They are also skilled in PPC, SEO and Video Editing.

    *Immediately available*

    More info
  • ​Junior Graphic Designer
    ​Junior Graphic Designer West Mids, Warks, Oxon ​20,000

    This talented and conceptual Junior Graphic Designer graduated in 2020 and has already completed an agency internship.

    They have a brilliant graduate portfolio showing concepts, sketching for retail environments, retail branding, editorial design, campaign collateral, social content design, illustration, graphic design. They are competent with InDesign, Photoshop. Illustrator, After Effects, and Premier Pro and always looking to develop their software skills.

    This aspiring Graphic Designer is eager to find an engaging creative environment where they can be nurtured and grow; lots of potential!

    More info
  • ​Senior Digital Marketing Executive
    ​Senior Digital Marketing Executive Warwickshire ​26,000+

    This candidate is a brilliant Senior Digital Marketing Executive looking for a new role in and around Warwickshire.

    Bringing strong experience working across digital strategy, social media, email marketing, SEO and content, they are able to develop integrated digital marketing campaigns from idea through to delivery. They are analytical in their approach and enjoy monitoring campaign performance, making future recommendations. They also have a creative side and are able to create digital assets for social, email and web. Bringing some basic coding experience using HTML, they can make edits and amends to websites.

    They are now looking for a role where they can continue to grow and develop.

    More info
  • ​PPC Executive, PPC Specialist
    ​PPC Executive, PPC Specialist West Midlands, Warwickshire ​28,000 – 29,000

    A talented PPC Executive working within the B2C space, developing PPC strategy, building and managing campaigns and analysing performance.

    Bringing experience in search and shopping, competitor research and optimisation. This candidate is ready to join a team and hit the ground running. Experienced in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Bing.

    They also have good experience in social media, email marketing, SEO, content, and data analytics.

    More info
  • Freelance ​UX Copywriter
    Freelance ​UX Copywriter West Midlands & Remote ​350 per day

    Skills: Digital & UX content/copywriting, wireframing, information architecture, web based prototyping, User-testing (virtual and face to face). Software skills include; Axure, Jira, DevOps, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, MS Office  

    Experience: Working in contracts for large corporates, being instrumental in rolling out large CMS projects, content review and migration projects, content optimisation of online sales journeys

    More info
  • ​Freelance Front End/UI Developer
    ​Freelance Front End/UI Developer London, Oxon, Remote ​400 per day

    Skills: multimedia development, HTML5 banners, digital campaigns, email development, digital advertising, HTML5, CSS3, JS, .NET, After Effects, Photoshop, DoubleClick, jQuery, GSAP, CreateJS, Bootstrap, Flash, OOP ActionScript 2/3

    Experience: agency, in-house, digital learning, automotive, banking, retail, AI and more!

    More info
  • ​Freelance CGI Artist/3D Visualiser
    ​Freelance CGI Artist/3D Visualiser West Midlands, remote ​250 per day

    Skills: 3d visualisation & modelling, rendering, photo realistic visuals, illustrations, motion & fly-throughs, 3D Studio Max, V-Ray, Mental Ray, Adobe CC, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Keyshot

    Experience: product visualisation, architectural floorplans & visualisation, construction, retail, flooring, exhibitions

    More info
  • ​Freelance UX/UI Designer
    ​Freelance UX/UI Designer Leicester, Remote ​250 per day

    Skills: user research, information architecture design, lo-fi wireframes, hi-fi prototypes, UI design, iconography & infographics design, Figma, Sketch, Invision, Adobe CC

    Experience: agency and in-house, retail, automotive, education, e-commerce, web and mobile app, websites,

    More info
  • ​Freelance Full-Stack Developer
    ​Freelance Full-Stack Developer London, Remote ​400 per day

    Skills: back end: PHP, WordPress, Laravel/Lumen/Slim, Composer, LAMP stack, databases - MySQL, Micro services - node.js, Shell, MS-DOS, C#.NET, web services - JSON, XML, REST, SOAP; front end: vanilla JS, node.js, Angular JS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS/SASS, Bootstrap, Grunt/Gulp, MEAN stack

    Experience: in-house, agency, digital advertising & marketing, offline HTML experiences, bespoke marketing and SaaS platforms, websites, web apps, Shopify themes, and more!

    More info
  • Freelance ​Senior 3D Designer
    Freelance ​Senior 3D Designer Remote ​35 per hour

    Skills: concepts, scamps, 3D design, visualisation and rendering, technical drawings, experience design, AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Vray, Photoshop

    Experience: agency and in-house, events and exhibitions design, retail POS and in-store layouts, displays and stands and other visual merchandise

    More info
  • Freelance ​Stylist, Creative Visual Merchandiser
    Freelance ​Stylist, Creative Visual Merchandiser London or UK wide ​280 per day

    Skills: Visual Merchandising, creative styling, designing and installing windows, dressing mannequins.Live model and flat styling and full creative project management.Digitally savvy with a strong brand focus.Happy to work onsite anywhere in the country
    or abroad.

    Experience: Luxury retailers, high street retailers, Retail Brand consultant and lecturer at a top London college.Over 20 years’ experience of working within the retail industry and fully digitally and social media adept to ensure that a brands' digital presence is as strong visually as their presence on the high street.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Senior Designer
    ​Freelance Senior Designer West Midlands, Remote ​275 per day 

    Skills: end-to-end design services, art direction and conceptual creative, storyboarding, scamps, design and visualisation, design roll-out and artwork, branding, digital design, design for print

    Experience: agency, retail, FMCG, exhibitions & events, sports & leisure, construction, POS and in-store concepts and design, integrated campaigns, OOH, corporate communications, animated banners, web layouts, email design & build


    More info
  • ​Freelance Senior Copywriter
    ​Freelance Senior Copywriter East Mids, Remote, London ​300 per day

    Skills: copy & content writing, content strategy and planning, brand TOV & comms, marketing copy, long, short and headline copy, social media content, advertising, web and email copy, SEO copywriting, product descriptions and e-commerce writing

    Experience: editorial, marketing & advertising, fashion retail, food & beverage, tech, leisure and lifestyle, b2b and b2c

    More info
  • ​Marketing Manager - Software
    ​Marketing Manager - Software Banbury, Oxon, Leics, Northants ​38,000 - 40,000

    A 360 Marketing and Brand Manager with a background in software.

    An excellent fit for an SME looking to establish/improve their brand presence within the market.

    This individual has experience in implementing complete re-brands from start to finish and is adept at working to a tight deadline and budget, working with and managing external marketing partners, has strong stakeholder management experience and is experienced at creating and implementing full marketing strategies including direct marketing strategies for upselling within existing accounts.

    Hands-on skills include: Product launch/product marketing, website management, lead generation, collateral production/redesign, graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite), social and digital media, campaign management, exhibition/events management, direct marketing.

    Looking for a new opportunity and open to sector.

    More info
  • ​International Marketing/Brand Manager
    ​International Marketing/Brand Manager Happy to re-locate anywhere ​37,500 - 45,000

    An extremely passionate, multi-lingual Marketing and Brand specialist, with 10+ years’ experience both in global and EU focused roles. A real lover of international collaboration and growth.

    Their experience predominantly spans B2B environments including logistics/freight, manufacturing, property and a range of start-up organisations but they are open to sector.

    This individual is big on continuous learning and brings with them a range of qualifications including a Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Graphic Design, Program in Baltic Studies and PhD in Business Administration in International Communications.

    Experienced in initiating and developing omnichannel local and international mar-com strategies to activate brands across diverse marketplaces, augment market/brand engagement initiatives, owning the full marketing communications functions, entering new markets/channels, assessing and developing brand equity, reputation and loyalty.

    Core projects have included: brand activation programs; re-branding & re-positioning including launch events, set up country-specific corporate web sites and corresponding brand marketing strategies, management of global teams, implementation of marketing calendars, delivery of multiple trade exhibitions and brand events, launch of multilingual e-commerce sites, set up of omnichannel brand engagement initiatives, delivery of full corporate identity after transformational changes {multiple business acquisitions; a change from disassociated identities to one brand consistency}; re-positioning of outdated brands; set up of international arm extensions of e-retailer in EU {PL, UK, DE, Baltic States, Slovakia) marketplace {offline and online marketing + sales},
    management of multilingual and remote commercial teams, development of e-commerce, CSR + business ethics, partnerships + brand influencers marketing.

    This individual’s ideal opportunity is somewhere she can build marketing/brand and support a business to grow internationally. Happy to travel globally and has experience managing large international events/exhibitions.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Junior Designer (healthcare)
    ​Freelance Junior Designer (healthcare) Manchester, Remote ​15 per hour

    Skills: campaign ideas, brand creation & development, design for print and digital, web layouts, social graphics, infographic design, presentation design, illustrations, packaging

    Experience: healthcare agency, food & beverage, corporate, tech

    More info
  • ​Freelance 2D/3D Animator
    ​Freelance 2D/3D Animator East Mids, Warks, Remote ​300 per day

    Skills: storyboarding, motion graphics design, 3d visualisation, 2d & 3d animations, video editing, illustrations, graphic design, typography

    Experience: agency, in-house, retail space, POS, in-store, digital content, C4D, After Effects, Premiere

    More info
  • ​Digital Marketing Manager
    ​Digital Marketing Manager West Midlands, Warwickshire ​39,000+

    If you are looking for a passionate, talented and incredibly lovely Digital Marketing Manager to join the team, then I have just the person for you, and they are immediately available!

    I am working with a stand-out digital marketer who is available now and excited to be exploring new opportunities. Bringing with them experience in both B2B and B2C sectors, this candidate has a broad skill set across all things digital from developing strategies in line with overall business objectives, to being hands-on in implementation. A big part of their most recent role has been focused on lead generation, user journey and CRM.

    Also bringing people management experience and enjoys leading a team, but also happy working on their own.

    More info
  • ​Digital Designer
    ​Digital Designer B'ham, Cheltenham, Worcester ​​25,000 - 27,000

    ​A talented Digital Designer with 3 years’ experience. An intelligent individual who has progressed extremely well within a creative agency working on an impressive range of digital projects for clients in multiple sectors, predominantly websites and microsites.

    Having been taken on as a graduate, they became a key member of the digital team, leading the digital design function and working closely with Creatives and Developers, and presenting work to clients. This candidate worked with conceptual Designers to translate and evolve the design concepts and art direction into user-friendly designs, that met the mapping and user journeys in the research phase, and the technical specification for the Developers.

    They collaborated with seniors on UX and also created digital illustrations and came up with ideas for interaction designs. Their role also provided the opportunity to become competent in HTML and CSS and to begin learning JavaScript. They would, therefore, happily consider a hybrid design/development role.

    This candidate has a huge passion for everything digital and would appreciate being in a structured team with a mentor who can help nurture and guide them to senior level.




    More info
  • ​Account Manager
    ​Account Manager Shropshire, Birmingham  ​24,000

    An established Account Manager, with broad experience working with a variety of clients across campaigns including print advertising, design, photography and social media. This candidate is very open to working across different sectors and is ready for their next big challenge!

    They enjoy growing relationships and looking for the next project opportunity.

    Excellent at managing internal teams and working on projects from pitching through to final delivery.

    More info
  • ​Digital Marketing Executive, Senior Digital Marketing Executive
    ​Digital Marketing Executive, Senior Digital Marketing Executive Worcestershire, Warwickshire ​27,000 - 28,000

    A highly self-motivated Digital Marketing Executive with both B2B and B2C experience, adept at working in both an office and home environment.

    Managing the planning and creation of email marketing, using Dreamweaver, for a well-known brand across both the UK and Europe, database segmentation and the management of all analytics and reporting with the view to continuously learn and improve on future campaigns and strategies.

    They are also responsible for website management including e-commerce, the creation of landing pages/microsites in WordPress along with the creation of digital assets, new product marketing, and SEO management (experienced in using SEMrush).

    Now keen to explore a new challenge that will allow them to grow in their career, open to sectors and able to commute to surrounding areas.

    More info
  • ​Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Executive
    ​Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Executive Shrops, Herefordshire, B’ham, Worcs

    ​A Masters-qualified marketing professional with experience across both B2B and B2C sectors, who enjoys a 360 marketing role.

    This individual has both marketing planning and strategy experience as well as hands-on skills across branding, project management, supplier management, content marketing, digital - including social, e-commerce and more, and brings a good level of creative skill with them.

    Having worked in standalone positions in their last two roles, they are keen to work within a team again and happy to consider opportunities both with and without line management requirements.

    More info
  • ​Marketing Manager, Group Marketing Manager
    ​Marketing Manager, Group Marketing Manager Worcs, Warks, B’ham, Glos ​40,000 – 45,000

    A B2B Senior Marketing Manager with a focus on improving market position and experience in building marketing and branding for multiple group brands from the ground up. Skilled at devising and implementing strategic marketing plans whilst remaining hands on in their day to day role.

    This individual has experience managing teams of up to 6 and is happy moving forward to either manage a team or work independently depending on the needs of the organisation. Hands on skills include: planning and creation of content, website management for multiple brands, ecommerce, SEO, PPC, traditional print marketing, PR and Social, partner management, exhibition management and email marketing management.

    If you are looking for an individual who is capable of building strategy for growth as well as manage hands on elements of marketing, please do pop me a call to discuss.

    More info
  • ​Account Director & Project Director 
    ​Account Director & Project Director  Cheltenham  ​40,000

    I have been working with a warm and established Account Director, with broad experience working within healthcare/pharmaceutical marketing. They're very open to working across different sectors and ready for their next big challenge.

    This candidate loves a complex project and seeing the project through from kick-off to delivery. They’re experienced in delivering multiple content assets for both print and digital. Excellent at adapting to different briefs and managing internal teams and managing senior client relationships.

    They are now looking for an Account Director role at an agency with a great culture where they can continue to grow their career. Ideally based in Cheltenham or surrounding areas.

    More info
  • ​Digital Marketing Manager
    ​Digital Marketing Manager Warwickshire, West Midlands ​42,000 – 48,000

    A talented digital marketing professional who has both experience working within an agency environment and in-house. They are able to manage multiple projects and changing priorities from their agency days while also getting under the skin of a brand from their time in-house.

    Now looking for a Digital Marketing Manager role with an in-house brand that they are passionate about and will allow them to manage a small team but also be hands-on in doing the do.

    Bringing strong experience in working with the senior team in developing and advising on digital strategy along with being hands-on in the implementation of digital marketing campaigns for both B2B and B2C audiences. They have excellent experience in SEO, email marketing and customer journey, to name a few. Also bringing experience in managing a team.

    If you are looking for digital talent to join the team then this candidate can help bring your digital strategy to life.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Senior UI/Digital Designer
    ​Freelance Senior UI/Digital Designer Glos, Midlands, Remote ​300 per day

    Skills: creative concepts, wireframing, prototyping, user interface design, digital design, photo manipulation, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Flutter, Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision, Marvel app, Zeplin, Protopie,, Adobe Creative Suite

    Experience: agency and in-house, native apps, responsive websites, email templates, CRM, video and animation, digital campaigns


    More info
  • ​Freelance Account Manager 
    ​Freelance Account Manager  Wolverhampton, B'ham, Remote  200 per day

    Skills: client servicing, project management, marketing strategy & implementation, end-to-end project delivery, project planning, budget management, creative briefing, resource management, content planning & writing

    Experience: agency & client-side, multi-channel campaigns, b2b & b2c, branding, offline marketing collateral, social, web, exhibitions, press advertising, retail, manufacturing, engineering, utilities

    More info
  • ​Senior Account Manager, Account Director
    ​Senior Account Manager, Account Director West Midlands ​45,000

    This highly skilled, strategically led Senior Account Manager / AD has 11 years' industry experience delivering integrated campaigns across on and offline marketing, advertising, CRM, corporate communications and internal communications/employee engagement. They are also seasoned in project management of deliverables, multi-level stakeholder management, line management and mentoring within a team.

    With an impressive portfolio of case studies, this candidate has worked some of the most renowned London agencies, with a number of household name client accounts.

    This stand out SAM moved back to the West Midlands earlier this year and is now looking for a forward-thinking agency where they can use their natural client development skill set and broad experience to make a difference. They have a keen interest in workplace culture, diversity, inclusion, employee well-being and employee success, and would love to utilise their previous experience in this to ensure all initiatives are meaningful and considered.

    More info
  • Freelance ​PR & Communications Consultant
    Freelance ​PR & Communications Consultant West Mids, Warks, Remote ​250 per day

    Skills: PR strategy & implementation, national & local media relations, social engagement, product launches, event management, partnership development, content creation, photo and video shoots

    Experience: agency, multi-channel PR campaigns, influencer & social media marketing, press releases, blogs, case studies, social content, home & interiors, kitchenware, leisure, heating & plumbing, b2b & b2c experience


    More info
  • ​Account Manager, Project Manager
    ​Account Manager, Project Manager West Midlands ​30,000

    *Immediately available* 

    This very likable and warm candidate has always had a creative eye, starting their career off as a Graphic Designer before moving over to account management. 

    After working for a number of creative agencies across the country, this candidate has gained invaluable experience managing corporate comms reports, artwork and print projects for a number of household names.

    This Account Manager has received brilliant feedback from clients in regard to their personable, organised and creative attributes, as well as being a strong and safe pair of hands. They would be most at home working in a fast-paced agency environment where cultural fit is key.

    More info
  • ​Senior Account Executive, Account Manager
    ​Senior Account Executive, Account Manager West Midlands ​25,000

    I have had the pleasure of getting to know this brilliant integrated SAE ./ AM, whose passion for the creative industry, strong business acumen and natural confidence make them a stand out candidate.

    From gaining vital experience on freelance projects and within a notable integrated agency, they have been exposed to the full account management process from direct client liaison, briefing studio teams, budgeting, managing expectations and status reports, working directly with a team of talented creatives. 

    Outside of work this candidate has shown great entrepreneurism, starting their own clothing business, building a brand, website and marketing strategy.

    This candidate is now looking for their next opportunity in a creative environment where they can showcase their abilities. They have received brilliant references that be shared with any interested parties. 

    More info
  • ​Senior Account Director, Client Service Director
    ​Senior Account Director, Client Service Director Worcester, West Midlands ​50,000 – 60,000

    This highly experienced and strategically led Senior Account/Client Service Director has had a successful career in managing and delivering multi-channel design projects both agency and client-side. They have worn many hats throughout their career, from
    hands-on account/project management to building an agency's clientele and offering through business development, client growth, and recruitment.

    One thing that really stands out with this candidate, is their passion for the creative industry, with many a case study of brilliant project delivery, identifying opportunities for business growth, and team leadership.

    This candidate would be an asset to a company looking for a client service lead, who can accrue new business as well as being a part of the campaign strategy and getting stuck in the full-service delivery.

    More info
  • ​Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager
    ​Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager Warwickshire, West Midlands ​38,000 +

    A talented marketing professional with experience working across digital marketing and traditional marketing channels, most recently working on a wide variety of digital projects across CRM, new website rebrand and launch and brand.

    Previously working as a Digital Marketing Manager where they were managing all digital marketing from strategy through to hands-on implementation. A data-driven professional who enjoys measuring digital metrics and using this to develop future campaigns to ensure they are always improving.

    If you are looking for someone who loves a challenge and is focused on revenue generation, and customer engagement and retention this could be the person for you. Their digital skills span across website management, digital strategy, content creation and optimisation, social channel growth.

    If there is a problem to be solved, this candidate can solve it.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Content & Copywriter
    ​Freelance Content & Copywriter Warks, West Mids, Remote ​30 per hour

    Skills: content & copywriting, content strategy, social media content, SEO copywriting, creative writing

    Experience: b2b, b2c, internal comms, brand comms, digital campaigns, email, product descriptions, e-commerce, web & blog copy, email marketing

    More info
  • ​Freelance Full Stack Designer
    ​Freelance Full Stack Designer Remote, Lancashire ​250 per day

    Skills: 3d design, modelling and visualisation, CAD drawings, 2d & 3d animations, illustrations, videography, wireframing, prototyping, digital design, design for print, rich media, infographics, presentation design

    Experience: retail, gaming, integrated marketing, digital advertising, agency and in-house, branding

    More info
  • ​Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant
    ​Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Northants, Leics, Remote ​350 per day

    Skills: digital marketing strategy, campaign planning & management, content & copywriting, brand management, marketing analytics & reporting, CRM management & marketing automation, PPC campaigns, paid social, SEO strategy and optimisation

    Experience: agency, in-house, e-commerce, integrated campaigns, Pardot, Salesforce, HubSpot, b2b & b2c.

    More info
  • ​Digital Specialist / Digital Marketing Manager
    ​Digital Specialist / Digital Marketing Manager Suffolk, Colchester ​40,000

    I have the absolute pleasure of working with a talented and passionate digital specialist who is on the lookout for their next opportunity in the Suffolk / Essex area.

    Bringing strong experience in creating and delivering digital media strategies for clients with a focus on performance growth. They have incredible experience in setting up, optimising and reporting on advertising campaigns and enjoy the analytical side of digital marketing. Also skilled in sponsored ads, display, account management and project management.

    Having worked with some large organisations, they are hoping to join a smaller company where they can hit the ground running, and combine their passions for digital marketing, brand and e-commerce.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Art Director/Designer (Pharma)
    ​Freelance Art Director/Designer (Pharma) London, Remote ​350 per day

    Skills: campaign creative, art direction, design

    Experience: healthcare & advertising agencies, shopper,
    experiential, healthcare & pharma, b2b & b2c, TV, print, CRM, digital,

    More info
  • ​Senior Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing
    ​Senior Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing Norfolk, Suffolk ​55,000

    An experienced, results-focused marketing and communications professional who is active in the market and looking for their next opportunity. Combining experience in traditional marketing with a wealth of hands-on experience in digital, this candidate has an incredibly desirable skill set with digital experience becoming more and more important.

    If you are looking for someone to hit the ground running and lead the team on delivering the marketing strategy, then this could be the person for you.

    With experience in developing a strategy and end-to-end campaign management, they have experience in working with creative teams, managing internal communications, PR, social media, and product launches to name a few. Also bringing lots of experience in optimisation and analytics.

    They are now on the lookout for a role that will continue to challenge them and allow them to develop in their career.

    They can commute to the Norwich and Suffolk area, ideally looking for a role with some flexibility.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Digital Strategist/Consultant
    ​Freelance Digital Strategist/Consultant Herts, London, Remote ​300 per day

    Skills: digital strategy, UX workshops, user research, campaign & content strategy, content writing, data analysis, website project management

    Experience: NGOs, charities, start-ups, SaaS, digital campaigns, websites, digital fundraising, social media, digital consulting, digital marketing


    More info
  • ​Senior Account Manager
    ​Senior Account Manager Greater London ​45,000

    This seasoned SAM has strong eCRM/email marketing and integrated experience. They have had a great success rate with strategically planning and delivering a range of multi-channel campaigns and growing client accounts across the tech, entertainment, retail, financial, and healthcare sectors.

    After recently completing a fixed-term contract, this candidate is now looking for their next opportunity within an SME agency environment with aspirations to move up to Account Director level in due course.

    They would be a perfect find for agencies looking for a client/business development Account Handler who can also seamlessly manage complex campaigns with priority stakeholders.

    More info
  • ​Freelance Senior Art Director (Pharma)
    ​Freelance Senior Art Director (Pharma) London, Remote  ​£400 per day

    Skills: photo/film art direction, campaign ideation, creative concepts, design, storyboarding

    Experience: healthcare, pharma, not for profit, branding, b2b & b2c, integrated campaigns, healthcare & advertising agencies

    More info
  • ​Head of Communications
    ​Head of Communications West Mids, Notts, Derbyshire, Leics ​55,000 – 60,000

    A talented senior Communications and PR professional who is active in the market and looking for a new role working in-house in a company where they can really make a difference and add value straight away.

    This candidate is currently Head of Communications for a B2B organisation where they are developing communications and marketing strategies and then managing a team to deliver on the strategy. They have strong experience across both internal and external communications along with corporate comms and engagement.  

    As someone who is responsible for internal communications and increasing engagement, they are naturally positive and inspiring and thoughtful in their approach. They understand that different people need different forms of communication and that not everyone has access to emails, meaning that they need to be creative in their approach.

    Bringing excellent experience in team managing, from recruitment, coaching and development this is something that they are particularly passionate about and enjoy. Beginning their career in PR, this is something that they are also skilled in and can build into a strategy.

    If you are looking for true engagement and internal comms leader then this candidate could be just what you are looking for.


    More info
  • ​Social Media Executive, Senior Marketing Executive
    ​Social Media Executive, Senior Marketing Executive West Midlands, Warwickshire ​30,000+

    A talented social media expert looking for their next role, either working within an agency or in-house environment. With strong experience in creating content plans, scheduling, and posting content using Hootsuite. This candidate also has great experience in reporting on social media performance and providing detailed analytics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Also bringing with them experience in creating blogs and articles. They are incredibly passionate about writing, with strong design skills using the Adobe Creative Suite.

    Previous experience includes broader marketing across email, website, lead generation and events, so they would be suited to either a Social Media Executive role or a Senior Marketing Executive role.

    Sector experience includes education, automotive and retail and open to both B2B and Consumer opportunities.

    Immediately available and excited to be exploring new opportunities.

    More info
    • Michelle Mumford