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Looking to recruit?

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Permanent, freelance, or in-house support?

We work with businesses who want to get recruitment right. Whether that is taking on recruitment projects on your behalf, or supporting you with your own recruitment efforts. ​
Have a browse through what we offer and contact Anna Smith if you would like to know more.
suited to the stage you are at in your recruitment process.

  • Freelance recruitment

    We started Beyond The Book as a freelance service, and after 15 years we have the most
    experienced and networked team across the UK. We can provide trusted freelancers for days, weeks or months, alongside a transparent financial model. We can also adapt payment methods to suit you.

    Emma Head and Kaisa Laug can be contacted at any time, as last minute as required, and they have an extremely sharp eye on the perfect proven freelancer. Their care and attention are superb, with everyone's expectations fully managed and seamless repeat bookings. We are also completely up to speed on the changes in the IR35 legislation, that came into effect in April 2021.

    To find out more about our freelance service, please go to Our freelance offering.

  • The areas we work in

    Our expertise includes Creative & Design, Artwork & Production, Film & Motion, UX & Product, Marketing & Brand, PR & Comms, Client Services & Delivery, Digital Marketing and Events and, we provide freelancers, contractors and permanent people across all of these areas.

    Our purpose is to bring high standards of recruitment into an industry we love that also has very high standards.

  • Permanent recruitment

    However structured, a quality recruitment campaign will always cost - but if done well, it should be seen as an investment. The cost of a hire not working out in the long term is substantial and often grossly underestimated.

    We are solutions-focused and have packaged 4 services that clients can choose from on a role-by-role basis, depending on your strategy, timings, stage in the process, unique role, budgets and rebate needs.

    Our services are Deliver, Deliver+, Partner and Partner+, and they are designed for clients who are ready to recruit now. You can view our services for permanent recruitment here.

    If you are not recruitment project ready, but you don't want to miss your perfect candidate when they come onto the market, we offer a very popular Watchlist Service. Find out more here.

  • Supporting in-house recruitment with your own campaign for direct candidates

    Our commitment to great recruitment and employee experiences extends to supporting businesses' recruitment drives:

    We can undertake the filtering of your applications, or filter and qualify for a short-list of strong candidates; these services are designed to protect your brand, by managing all responses, and protect your time and resources, to allow you to focus on your core business.

    Onboarding consultancy to support the retention of new starters

    Outplacement/Redundancy 1:1 coaching, to support employees on their career journey and add value to your employer brand proposition.

    Sense check consulting. We can sense-check your strategy, job description and salary to ensure the optimum campaign. These would take the form of remote or in-house workshops or would come as standard as part of the process for BTB-run recruitment campaigns.

    Internal interview coaching for specific skill sets/job types

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Recruiting direct?

Our purpose was and still is to bring high standards of recruitment to an industry that has high standards and with our long-servicing expertise in recruitment for Creative, Digital, PR and Marketing roles, we can help our clients to recruit brilliantly themselves.
With our expertise, we can fill the gaps in your in-house recruitment campaigns with consulting and/or joined-up filtering and qualifying solutions. Alternatively, we can fully manage a recruitment campaign on your behalf and with your branding.

  • Our approach

    However structured, a quality recruitment campaign will always cost - but done well, it should actually be seen as an investment. The cost of a hire not working out in the long term is substantial and often grossly underestimated. Significant internal time and resource through the hiring process. cost of onboarding, reduced or lost output/revenue, disruption and ultimate replacement costs can be huge.

    With almost 12 years of recruiting under our belt, and collectively many more years than that, we know all of the challenges and how to overcome them, to ensure the right person is hired, first time and for the long term.

    Rather than forcing you into a decision of going to a recruitment company or not, we passionately believe that there is a middle ground where we can help you get the results you want, with maximum cost-effectiveness.

    Our Direct recruitment solutions are designed to fill the gaps and eliminate any risk to your recruitment strategy and campaign.

  • ​Fully centralised and branded

    Should our clients, at any time, wish to stop recruiting themselves, and outsource to us to run a full recruitment campaign on their behalf, we can offer a standard search and selection recruitment campaign, or something slightly more special - and the very best of recruitment solutions.

    The one element that a campaign undertaken by a recruiter cannot offer, is transparency regarding who the employer is.

    By simply creating a branded campaign, you will get all the benefits of a Beyond The Book Search and Selection campaign, with the additional advantage of attracting those more discerning candidates, who prefer to apply when they know who the company is.

    A fully centralised and branded campaign won't cost you any more than a standard Search and Selection campaign.

    You can view our complete range of solutions here.

  • Consulting and coaching

    Our consulting and coaching solutions are designed to fill any gaps that might be needed to support your recruitment strategy, recruitment and onboarding processes, and ultimate retention of new talent, when recruiting direct, and without the support of a recruiter-run campaign.

    We can offer consultancy and coaching to:

    Ensure you are employing the right skillset into your team

    Sense check your campaign strategy

    Help write compelling and effective job descriptions

    Benchmark salaries

    Upskill internal interviewers, to align questioning and tasks to specific skillsets

    Solidify an onboarding process to ensure maximum employee satisfaction and engagement

  • Filtering and qualifying

    We can protect your time, spend and brand by filtering, or filtering and qualifying all your applications, using our established processes and knowledgeable consultants to manage every response and qualify appropriately.

    Depending on your internal resource, you can choose to engage us purely to filter applications for you, and pass on CVs that fulfil the brief on paper, for you to manage the rest of the process with these applicants. We will also ensure that every application is managed appropriately, and every application responded to, as well as any follow up communication. This is even more essential in the current complex and sensitive climate.

    Alternatively, you can engage us to filter applications (as above) AND qualify candidates, including face to face meetings. Only a shortlist of strong candidates will be provided, based on a thorough initial briefing session with you.

    Both solutions enable you to focus on your business, protecting your time and spend, and the second option provides the impartial qualification that is essential in providing only candidates who are genuinely interested in your opportunity. We like to call this 'qualifying people outside of a job' and it allows us to obtain a perspective that is critical to retaining talent for the long term.

    We offer these solutions on a project cost basis.

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