As a leading agency in this space, we are dedicated to connecting top talent with innovative companies driving digital transformation and creativity.

At Beyond The Book, we understand the unique demands and opportunities within the tech sector, and our team is equipped with industry expertise and insights to match skilled professionals with roles that require a blend of technical proficiency and creative vision. We cover Tech Project Management, Software Development, QA, UX and Product on both a perm and interim basis.

Whether you're a candidate looking to leverage your technical skills in a marketing environment or an organisation seeking specialised talent to drive digital strategies, we are here to facilitate meaningful connections that propel businesses forward in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

For a little reassurance, enter our world of real experiences.

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Kaisa Laug, Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Kaisa Laug

Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Emma Head, Creative Development Director & Interim Recruitment Specialist

Emma Head

Creative Development Director & Interim Recruitment Specialist

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