Provision of Interim resource

Provision of Interim resource


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Years experience with interim recruitment

If you are an organisation looking for interim resource, you are in very safe hands.

Our highly experienced consultants have over 25 years' collective experience, dedicated to the interim market, supporting small businesses and global organisations with short-term and long-term requirements.

We help organisations grow, prove concepts, react to business needs, navigate periods of change, and cater for sickness and maternity cover.

Ultimately we save our clients time, costs, and help manage their risk.

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The service we offer

A dedicated end-to-end service that fully supports organisations, to efficiently integrate freelance/contractor resource as part of their business model.

Whether you need one-off support or a fully managed service (with the infrastructure to manage and pay the freelancers/contractors), we have it all covered.


We access our vast network and database of trusted and professional freelancers, to ensure quick delivery. Our database is growing all the time as new freelancers and contractors come to the market, with continuously evolving skill sets.

Skill Sets

We represent a broad spectrum of specialist skill sets, to avoid lengthy searches. This covers any skill set within the Creative and Marketing industry, at hands-on or leadership level, within agency or in-house and any location. All skills can be placed on a short term freelance basis, or longer term contract - on a day rate or PAYE.


We offer a payroll service, should an organisation need to outsource the workload and logistics involved and we can also cater for paying your own freelancers or contractors, for a reduced fee. We also ensure all the freelancers and contractors are paid on time, alleviating any stress and complication.


All contractors and freelancers we place are fully compliant with UK legislation. We understand the intricacies of the IR35 legislation, so you have all the resources to effectively determine your IR35 status and how that affects you and the contractor.


We negotiate freelance and contractors rates or salaries on your behalf, ensuring you onboard within your budgets and timescales.


We have the capacity to manage multiple freelancers, their availability, timesheets, invoices and payment (should you need us to pay the freelancer/s for you).

Our freelancers and contractors are experienced in supporting our clients in the following ways

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This could be a pitch, launch, transformation, NPD, crisis, branding or any project that requires interim expertise.

Seasonal demand

Many industries experience seasonal fluctuations in demand. For example, an ecommerce business may need extra staff during the holiday season, or corporate reporting seasons.

Resource cover

This could be short or long term cover due to holiday leave, maternity leave, sick leave, or sabbatical.

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Scaling up

When a business is scaling up, whether due to increased demand, new projects, or expansion into new markets, there's often a need for additional manpower.


During phases such as organisational restructuring or digital transformation, temporary workers can provide support in managing change

Workflow peaks

Businesses often experience workflow peaks or busy periods where the volume of work increases significantly within a relatively short timeframe.

Meet the experts...

Emma Head, Creative Development Director & Interim Recruitment Specialist

Creative Development Director & Interim Recruitment Specialist

Kaisa Laug, Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Vicki Poultney, Creative & Marketing Recruitment Support

Creative & Marketing Recruitment Support

Anna Smith, Co-Founder & Recruitment Director

Co-Founder & Recruitment Director

Our standards

Our standards for registration are high, so all freelancers and contractors are rigorously qualified to ensure our clients will be working with trusted professionals.

We translate clients' requirements into freelance briefs and interrogate the brief thoroughly in order to find the best-fit candidates for the requirement, whether that is last-minute and short-term freelance needs or longer-term contracts.

Ensure the freelancers and contractors are well looked after and engaged on your behalf; which is especially important should you want to find a freelancer that can work with you in the long term.

We can be trusted

“At Radley Yeldar, our Birmingham office has doubled in size over a six-month period. The work was coming in and we quickly needed a mixture of skills on a freelance basis. We were fortunate to be introduced to BTB by a freelancer and, within hours of meeting them, we had relevant people introduced across our offer. I’m happy to say we’ve met some great freelancers and have been very well looked after.”

“BTB are the best! No matter the size of the brief, BTB manages to find the best talent at the drop of a hat. They go over and above to keep me updated on new talent coming through, as well as interrogating each brief to make sure the perfect person is placed.”

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