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Recent Digital Marketing case study

Recent Digital Marketing case study

almost 3 years ago by Anna Smith

Company Sector: Retail / Location: Warwickshire


This client is long-standing and works with multiple recruiters (or did!). After a good review meeting, where it was established that they were not seeing the quality of candidates for various roles, we explained that we could invest more in supporting them if it wasn’t working competitively. Over a 3 month period, this client asked us to find a Digital Marketing Manager, a Senior Content Executive and a Paid Search Junior. This was on an exclusive basis.


Each role had its specific needs, in terms of skills, experience, level, team fit, sector experience and more. After consultation, we were armed with honest, compelling, and realistic briefs, as well as where compromises could be made, and we were about choosing the right channels and activity to engage the right people. Two of the roles needed our full-weight with a full market search, and one only needed our Talent Hub search, where we explored people already registered and offered at a lower than standard fee (only fair!). The Paid Search role was the most challenging, given how in-demand this skill set is and the higher than average salary that needs to be paid. But, we got there in the end. We don’t give up! All of our candidates have settled in brilliantly and been self-motivated and keen to prove themselves through lockdown. There is no doubt that having a network of over 40,000 1st line contacts on social media, a dbase of 100s of warm contacts made over the last 12 years, and our investment in every leading edge platform and tool to reach every active person on the market, is what enabled us to find a selection of strong people for our client to interview.

Client relationship:

Moved from a contingent arrangement to a partnership, where the hiring managers are really enjoying the consultative, collaborative approach and the efficient and enjoyable process to successfully placing people into their teams.

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