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10 ways a quality, specialist recruiter can add significant value to your job search

10 ways a quality, specialist recruiter can add significant value to your job search

over 2 years ago by Jack Keeling

Whether you are actively seeking your next career move, or just beginning to consider a change in pace or industry, one thing is for sure job-seeking can be stressful. Why not alleviate this stress and use a specialist recruiter to help you on your journey?

Here is what one of our many candidates had to say about his experience with Beyond the Book:

"Fantastic service from start to finish. Friendly, efficient, and made, what is normally a stressful experience, a refreshingly easy one. I would recommend BTB for anyone looking for a new role, especially in the creative industries."

But anyway, let’s get to it, here are our top 10 ways a quality specialist recruiter can add significant value to your job search: 

1.       Save you time & stress

We all know how stressful and time-consuming job hunting can be; scrolling through job boards for hours on end, reading through multiple job specifications, and left wondering what you are even applying for with some of the vague descriptions out there. Your recruiter will take on this burden for you. A good, specialist recruiter with a long history, will not only have multiple opportunities but they can be proactive too, talking to clients who they partner with, who are a great fit with what you are looking for. You won’t have to lift a ‘searching’ finger!

2.       Huge network

A recruiter with a long history can have a huge network reach across social media, to champion you (anonymously of course!). Using Beyond the Book as an example, we have over 50k 1st connections in our LinkedIn Network and regularly post about our great candidates, to pique the interest of new clients – going one step further to offer you the right opportunities.

3.       Complete access

You may not be aware, but not all jobs are advertised on job boards and company websites, many companies choose to work solely with their preferred recruiter and trust them to find the right people without having to put it out in the public domain. This means you could be given access and opportunities to roles that nobody else has access to; why miss out on that? Some of our clients just want to hear about good people, even when they are not actively recruiting and many of our candidates are offered roles this way. 

4.       Bring the job to life and be in control

We’ve all seen good and bad job descriptions, but what a job description can’t tell you on paper, a recruiter can. Your recruiter will have been fully briefed by the client, detailing exactly what they want from their next recruit, what the company culture and benefits look like as well as what is important to them and the success of their business. This extra information allows your recruiter to bring the role to life, so you feel fully informed to make a decision on whether to go for it or otherwise. And this prepares you well for the interview, should you agree it’s a potentially great match.

5.       A guiding hand

Your recruiter can and will guide you along your journey. If you are unsure of your next career step, you can be sure that your recruiter will give you clear and sound advice using their market and industry knowledge to help you achieve exactly what you’re capable of. You will always know where you stand in the application process, and you will always receive guidance on how to approach each stage of the interview, as well as constructive feedback which is always helpful for the future.

6.       Industry knowledge

At Beyond the Book, many of our consultants have a creative, digital, PR or marketing background, or they have spent years in specialist creative and marketing recruitment, and know the industry inside out. Using a specialist recruiter who knows and understands your industry is important, and it allows you to trust in the advice you are receiving, knowing that your recruiter has probably been in your shoes in the past.

7.       Support from start to finish

Receiving support throughout your journey is paramount, not only for peace of mind but also to give you the best possible chance of success in the roles you apply for. Your recruiter will provide feedback and advice every step of the way and keep you in the loop to ensure all you need to do, is focus on wowing at your interview.

8.       Interview prep

Imagine going into an interview in the dark without knowing who you are meeting or what kind of questions are coming your way, talk about stress! Your recruiter has undertaken an extensive brief with your potential new employer, meaning you will go in knowing exactly who is interviewing you, what the format will be, and what kind of things are important to highlight when you are there to give you the best chance of success. Having this extra support, on top of your own interview preparation, could be the difference between you getting the job over another candidate.

9.       Stay on the database

If you are unsuccessful in your first application, that does not mean you are forgotten about. At Beyond the Book, we take the time to meet with our candidates and fully understand what they want from their next role, meaning once you are on the database, you will always be found when a relevant new job comes in, and you will be the first to know about it.  

10.   You can actually enjoy your job search 

I know, really!? We believe that if we can protect your time, allow you to feel in control, offer only opportunities that fit very well with what you want and offer you the genuine, human touch then your search will be enjoyable. Do take a look at our reviews on Google, which services to demonstrate our commitment to our candidates.

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