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Where did those two weeks go?

Where did those two weeks go?

over 2 years ago by Jack Keeling

I’ve just come to the end of my first two weeks with Beyond The Book, and to say it’s gone fast is certainly an understatement. Starting somewhere new is never easy, especially coming into a completely new industry, but I am already sat here thinking, why didn’t I make the move sooner!

I think I have always had a perception of recruitment, which I am sure is shared by many, many others, that recruiters sit there cold calling potential candidates and bulk sending them to companies who might bite, but I could not have been more wrong, and my experience in the first two weeks can back that up. If anything, I am shocked at how wrong I was; I have never met a group of people more lovely or committed to being genuinely kind, supportive, and professional to everyone they come across. This way of doing recruitment is, and should be the only way to do it, taking the time to understand a company’s culture and needs to fill a role, then making every possible effort to get to know and recognise all the amazing candidates, to make sure we only send the people that we know are a great match long term.

Everyone in the office has made me feel comfortable in my new position from the outset, with tons of training and support, and I think this supportive onboarding process is so important when it comes to the longevity of new recruits. The atmosphere in the office is extremely relaxed and welcoming, and like many others, BTB has adopted the new hybrid way of working with a mix of office and remote, which is great to have that trust and flexibility.

I’ve started at Beyond the Book to help run the Digital desk, with a strong background in Digital Marketing, I’ve experienced the roles I’m recruiting for first-hand and can fully appreciate what a company might need in their next Social Media Manager, or what a candidate is looking for in their next content role.

If you are passionate about all things digital and are potentially looking for your next move, please feel free to get in touch for a chat!

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