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How to improve your diversity

How to improve your diversity

almost 2 years ago by Sally Moist

This time, Jessie and Rowena have put aside their usual marketing topics to focus on a hugely important topic, diversity and inclusion.
ED&I is a hot topic right now and for good reason. There are tonnes of statistics out there to quantify the benefits of a diverse leadership team. For example, organisation with a diverse leadership team, on average, generate 19% higher revenues, are 70% more likely to capture a wider market share and businesses with women in leadership tend to have better staff retention rates and employees feel up to 12% more supported.
In general, diverse and inclusive workplaces earn deeper trust and more commitment from their employees which, in turn, positively affects retention rates and talent acquisition.
In this video, Jessie and Rowena talk about their experiences with EDI recruitment and, as always, offer practical, actionable advice to help you make a difference.


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