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A little update for candidates and freelancers

A little update for candidates and freelancers

9 months ago by Anna Smith

What’s new here?

Well, we are now an 18-strong team and have welcomed a few new people into the BTB fold over the past few months. Rebecca Heale yhas joined us to lead on all things Client Services & Delivery. Keelan Virgo joined the Marketing team here and is looking after Digital Marketing projects, mainly in the South & Gloucestershire areas.

We have invested in a new data & insight tool called 'Recruiter Insider', which is essentially client and candidate feedback automation software, that will help us raise the standards within the recruitment process. Any candidate we represent for any role will be given the opportunity to feedback on their BTB consultant and their interview experience with our clients. This data will build over time and allow us to better consult our clients on enhancing the interview and onboarding process and allow us to enhance our own service.  

The Market

There are predictable peaks and troughs throughout the year, and we are currently in a slightly quieter phase, while many businesses are planning their new financial year from April onwards. Now in February, we are starting to experience more activity and are expecting a peak of opportunities in March and April.  

The opportunities coming through on freelance are becoming ever more niche in the skills required, compared to our previous years placing many Creative/Design/Artwork skill sets. No doubt it is an indication of how well-networked the world is, which is leading to some clients not needing our help as much as they used to. In particular demand is UX, UI, Content Writers, Motion Designers, 3D and 4D Animators, Developers, Account Management and Project Management. Emma is looking to build more relationships this year with in-house clients where there may be a greater need for an over-spill recruitment agency to support them. More of this later!  

The perm market is set to be buoyant, with needs across the full spectrum of Creative & Marketing. Midweight and Senior agency Designers are of particular interest to many clients, so if you want to remind us that you are now at this level, agency side, please get in touch with us!

Within Marketing, there is consistent demand across generalist Marketing, PR, Client Services, Digital Marketing and Social/Content. The greatest demand is in agency PR.

Across the board, salaries can vary depending on the opportunity, but clients are certainly more flexible than a year ago if they find that perfect person in front of them!


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