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​Our commitment to Businesses in 2021

​Our commitment to Businesses in 2021

about 3 years ago by Anna Smith

Having now settled into the first couple of weeks of the new year, we thought it time to wish the industry well and let you know what we are up to, and how we are committed to supporting and adding value to businesses throughout 2021. 

We will do all we can to protect businesses time, spend and brand 

It’s never been more important to ensure that EVERY business has its time, spend and brand protected as much as possible. Our industry knowledge, discerning eyes, long-term relationship focus and ethics (when it comes to responding to all your candidates), will protect your time, and enable you to focus on the things you need to in your business. While you do this, we will deliver a shortlist of high-quality candidates who have been impartially qualified to ensure that they are right for you, and you are what they were looking for.

This approach will protect your spend, by taking as much risk as possible from the significant cost of someone not working out or not staying in your business. You can read more about that cost in this article. 

You can trust us to have your very best interests at heart

We have a long-term approach at Beyond The Book and we are committed to providing the right people who will add the value needed, for as long as possible. We will continue to care about your recruitment as much as we do our own. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about us and there are various case studies to be found within the business section on our Insight pages

We will exhaust the whole market (and quickly when necessary)

With our long history and vast network in the industry, investment in leading-edge tools and platforms, as well as our brand reputation, you can trust we can (and will) exhaust the entire market for you - have a read about how we have the market covered. 

We want to be fair with our fees and costs (and we are) 

We now have a tailored approach to our services that provides cost efficient solutions; from small one-off project fees, to help you manage your own direct recruitment campaign, to fees of 13.5% for quicker searches with candidates already registered with us, to full search and selection campaigns. It’s all about what you need and what is important to you for any one unique role, at any one unique time. With our range of services we can help, whatever your budget and expectations. 

Free template download – ‘Qualify Your Recruiter’ 

Whether you choose to engage with us or otherwise, we are passionate about raising the standards of recruitment (it was our purpose from day one!), so please download this template to help you choose and partner with the very best recruiter for you. 

The team here at Beyond The Book all share our values and focus, and can help businesses across Creative, Digital, Marketing and PR & Content with both freelancing or permanent requirements.  

We are currently all working remotely, so please go to our Meet The Team page for our Consultant's contact details.  

We hope that everyone is ok, and 2021 is kind to you!​

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