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FAQ - About Beyond The Book, for businesses

FAQ - About Beyond The Book, for businesses

about 1 year ago by Anna Smith
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Please find below some questions that businesses looking for a specialist recruitment consultant might want to ask! Of course, there is nothing better than a good conversation so please call Anna Smith, our Recruitment Director, any time, day or evening, on 07787 430403.

>We are looking for a recruitment specialist in creative and/or marketing. What are your credentials? 

We founded Beyond The Book having worked first-hand in the industry; both agency and in-house. We wanted to bring that knowledge, and the principles of exceptional client servicing and campaign management, into recruitment for our industry.  

70% of our consultants are also from the industry itself, with 30% having been dedicated to Creative or Marketing recruitment for a number of years. With particular reference to Beyond The Book, we have spent 14 years providing specialist Creative, Digital, PR and Marketing recruitment to clients (agency, consultancy and in-house), across the UK.  

We have established long-standing and strong partnerships with our clients, who work with us in the provision of both permanent and freelance specialist resource.


> How long have you been in business?

BTB opened its doors in 2009, so 14 years. All our lead consultants' experience goes beyond these 14 years, with a combination of working in the industry itself or recruiting for the industry for other specialist Creative & Marketing recruiters.

> How would you define your reach/network?

 We have a vast network, due to both the length of time we have operated as Beyond The Book and the number of years many of our team have previously spent in the Marketing industry, or as a Creative or Marketing recruiter.

We have over 45,000 1st line contacts across social media and a warm database of 1000’s of past and present candidates. 


> We want to cast a wide net and use multi recruiters - can you work with that?

We believe and know that a multi-recruiter strategy drives the quality down and risks our clients' time and investment. A race is never a good idea and every recruiter that is engaged will assess the risk of their own time and apply limited effort on your behalf. Our advice is to choose a recruiter that will work closely with you and has the reach, the network, and the tech to exhaust the market, quickly.

We can agree on an exclusive period, which will ensure you can explore other avenues should you need to do so. And, this is not to say that you shouldn’t engage different recruiters for different roles, depending on skill sets and individual recruiter expertise.

Should a client not be able to work on a sole agency basis, we are happy to be briefed and introduce any suitable candidates we already know, or who register with us subsequently.


> Do you have testimonials or reviews we can read?

We certainly do! Please go to our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us, and our consultants for both freelance and permanent support. You can also see our google reviews, which should provide confidence in us.


> What channels do you use to reach active candidates?

 We do a lot! Please see our full summary of activity, which covers targeted searching, content marketing and advertising.


> How do you reach passive candidates?

 By establishing a recruiter brand and a content strategy aimed at building trust and credibility in the industry. Passive candidates need to know a recruiter intends to listen, consult and talk to them about their career - not sell a job!

 The technology and licenses we invest in, unearth people who are considering a move, in addition to those actively looking. 


> Do we have a choice in which consultant is best placed to manage your recruitment?

Our consultants look after a sector that takes full advantage of where their knowledge and network are greatest. Please meet the team to see who specialises in which sector.


> Do you provide freelance resource to cover us whilst looking for perm?

We do! We initially opened our doors to solely provide freelance resource. It is a very well-oiled machine, with a vast book of tried and tested freelancers, across all skill sets.

Our team is phenomenal and well-versed in legislation. Please visit our freelance page for more information.


> How can we be sure your candidates are well qualified? We are keen not to waste our time interviewing too many of the wrong people.

We take the best brief we can extract from you, including cultural fit. Armed with this comprehensive understanding of your business and recruitment needs, we qualify candidates thoroughly against the brief, face to face. We also apply what we call 'impartial qualification' when speaking to new candidates. What we mean by impartial candidate qualification is that we initially take any job opportunity 'off the table' to get to know them, their motivations, what they love, what they don't, where they have been successful, where they haven't, their dream job, and so much more.

We only talk through client opportunities if there is a genuine fit gleaned from this impartial qualification.

There is a very clear link between aligning all of these things and staff retention. Also, from a time/resource perspective for your business, you can be assured that you will only receive CVs of people who are well qualified and genuinely interested in your opportunity.


> What are your fees?

Our fees flex dependent on a number of factors on a job by job basis.


> What are your rebate terms?

8 weeks.


> Do you have any stats to give us confidence that your candidates will stay with us?

Data from 2021 shows that 93% of candidates passed their probation period, demonstrating our clients are very satisfied with our candidate's cultural fit and performance.


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