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Need to hire in confidence?

Need to hire in confidence?

about 2 months ago by Anna Smith
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If your recruitment process needs to be confidential, for whatever reason, it can be a real challenge to explore the market. And this is why:
Your inability to advertise
Your own network reach is limited to a trusted few
Any candidate you reach out to may have connections that could risk your privacy

And, if you are not quite recruitment-ready, because you’d only consider hiring if the right person is 'out there', you may be reluctant to engage a recruiter for support.

Fear not, because we can genuinely help. Here’s why you can trust us to support you:
● If you’re not quite recruitment-ready, unless the right person comes along, we have a service that aligns our effort to your circumstances and it’s called our 'watchlist' service

● If you are recruitment-ready, but confidentiality is super important, then we have recruitment strategies that search the market, without the need to advertise

● With over 20 years experience, we know how to approach candidates carefully, with a confidential proposition

● You’ll only work with our most experienced consultants who have the reputation and experience to service the project with the highest level of experience, professionalism and care

If it’s a senior-level hire, we have the reputation to engage these discerning people, and a huge network of senior-level candidates to explore.

If you’d like to chat this through (confidentially!!), please email me: or call mobile: 07787 430403.

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